Fighting Back to Uphold Patients’ Right to Informed Consent

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The professionals at NZDSOS have been accused of spreading information that is contrary to the Medical Council (MCNZ) guidelines on Covid-19 vaccination.  It would appear that the MCNZ has forgotten about its own guidelines on Informed Consent that advise doctors to “be open and honest”  with patients. It seems this guiding principle has not only been forgotten by the MCNZ but those who practice this are being persecuted.

Our hearts do not allow us to remain silent and we continue to stand in our truth. 

Here is one doctor’s reply to a letter from the MCNZ asking her to explain her speeches and Facebook posts.

To all of the members of the MCNZ,

I am so pleased that you contacted me. I have been meaning to write to you for some time now but I have had more important issues to deal with first.

I’m very pleased that you saw my speeches and my Face Book page. I hope that you have learnt something from them, as it seems that your knowledge about Covid management is painfully lacking.

You appear to be well behind in your scientific approach to the situation, especially with the vaccine mechanism of action and side effects.  You do not seem to comprehend its bodily distribution or the fact that they have recently discovered the spike protein in the nucleus of the cell.

It is also concerning that you clearly misunderstand the importance of early treatment and the excellent safety and efficacy of Ivermectin and Vitamin D3.

Instead you are fixated with a vaccine which has an ARR of 0.8% or worse, meaning that the vaccinated person is 99.2% as likely to catch Covid as his unvaccinated neighbour but is more likely to spread it due to being more likely asymptomatic. The vaccinated are therefore the super-spreaders.

This basically renders the mandates irresponsible virtue signalling yet you have instructed your members to refuse to issue vaccine exemptions. You are happily ripping the rug out from beneath whole groups of people who have dedicated their lives to helping others – teachers, fire fighters, nurses, doctors – and in doing so you have ruined careers and businesses, probably caused homes to be lost through inability to pay mortgages and likely destroyed marriages through the immense fear and stress these mandates have created. Not only that but you are actively promoting medical apartheid. Shame on you.

Another thing: I have been told by several GPs that Pfizer is not associated with blood clots. Are you truly that deep into the Dark Ages ? Every other country is aware off this association.

There have been two VITT deaths – both young NZ dentists following their vaccinations. There have been huge numbers of thrombotic strokes and heart attacks that have occurred post vaccination in young New Zealanders with no risk factors what-so-ever. And you tell the public that myocarditis is only a mild illness that resolves with anti-inflammatories. Are you out of your minds?

But the most appalling part of all is how you promote the vaccine to pregnant women. You are completely and utterly wrong when you claim it is safe and effective in pregnancy and breast feeding. I would actually go further and say that you are criminally negligent in this matter. 

The statistics showed us earlier in the year that there was an 82 percent miscarriage rate in the first trimester, which the researchers tried unsuccessfully to cover up.  This study has been re-done and was published this week. It shows that the first trimester miscarriage rate is 81-91 percent. This has been illustrated at the ground level with local midwives losing full month case loads to mothers being vaccinated. A whole month of expected births miscarried due to your advice – and that is just one midwife in one town. There will be similar scenarios throughout the country. 

As well as this the still birth rate has rocketed. Usually there are 114 still births per year for the entire country but in just two weeks Hastings alone had 9 still births in vaccinated mothers who were following your advice to get the vaccine. You are responsible for the death of those babies. You have blood on your hands. 

I suppose you are also in denial regarding the deaths of teenagers. We have 2 siblings dead after the vaxathon in Christchurch – a girl aged 15 and a boy aged 17. Plus a 17 year old boy in Northland and a 13 year old in the South Island – both dead the day after their vaccination -and a 14 year old boy in South Auckland who died 2 hours after his vaccination. Also the 17 year old girl whose death should have stopped the roll out but was instead blamed, prior to any autopsy report, on the pill – which she had been prescribed some time prior so therefore the GP would have checked for clotting risk factors at that point in time. I know a lot more about this case then you do as I know close family friends.

I am also aware that the government has asked families involved with severe adverse reactions and deaths to sign waivers that come with financial settlements.  This blatant attempt to further cover up vaccine failures is abhorrent, as is the gagging of the media at the cost of millions of dollars of tax payer money. 

Why don’t you speak up against this propaganda ? Why do you sit quietly and do nothing while the government promotes a drug that should never have passed Medsafe? 

And to add insult to injury, in promoting the vaccine you have violated the Nuremberg Code in its entirety. You might like to look that up and familiarise yourself with your offences. You are all guilty of crimes against humanity. And if you think I am exaggerating you are wrong.

I have all of your names and I have forwarded them – except for Dr Goodman, who I know is in her heart a very decent person – along with the names of Dr Bryan Betty and Dr Samantha Murton and the NZ board of the RANZCOG, to Dr Reiner Fuelmich.  

Dr Fuelmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations eg Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. His worldwide network of lawyers has listened to over a hundred experts from every field of science and medicine relating to the current PCR / Covid fraud. In due course he intends to put a Nuremberg 2 trial through the International Criminal Court.  

Finally, I do not wish to be associated with a scientifically ignorant organisation that has lost its ability to practice evidence based medicine, has banned open debate, censors its doctors, allows politicians to decide how best to treat patients, has abandoned the principal of informed consent and, worst of all, has broken its promise to first do no harm. I hold you in the utmost contempt as do many New Zealanders.  

I shall see you on the other side of history. My conscience will be clear but may God have mercy on you. 

alanna ratna 

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