Stuff’s Absurd Journalism on World Health Organization Concerns

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The World Health Organization Global Digital Health Certification Network was launched this week in partnership with the European Commission to “strengthen global health security“. Claiming to facilitate movement within Europe’s borders, the ramifications for human liberty and freedom of movement are stark. If they succeed, we can expect the rest of the world, New Zealand included, to follow suit. In the guise of a supposed ‘health passport’ this is nothing more or less than the much feared digital ID which could be used to deny less than model citizens access to services. This is called ‘social credit’ in communist China, and is coming to a tyranny near you.

We are being warned by professionals with experience from within the World Health Organization (eg Dr David Bell and Dr Astrid Stuckelberger) and United Nations (eg Călin Georgescu), to technology experts (eg Dr Michael Rectenwald), financial experts (eg Catherine Austin-Fitts) and independent researchers (eg James Roguski and Simon Elmer). Detailed evidence from this wide range of sources all concurs that we are being lied to about the claims of needed health reform, with the catalyst in fact being the most powerful class needing a financial ‘reset’ to secure centralised control.

The connections between and control of industries including financial, health, social, business, agriculture, judicial and more, are explained by the United Nations themselves, in their organisational chart. If you ever wondered how every industry across the globe complied with lockdown rules, this illustration of globalisation provides the answer in a single graphic. World Health Organization are the instrument being used to cement this globalisation under the guise of public health concerns specifically relating to pandemics and climate change (that we know of so far).

Democracies have been systematically overthrown by large corporations, explained well by investigative journalist Matt Kennard. This relies heavily on secrecy because if populations understood what was happening, they would establish an effective resistance. Both propaganda and censorship are important weapons to keep the masses unaware, divided and compliant. Those of us who have researched the topic and dare to speak out are labelled “conspiracy theorists“, and worse.

Evidence for the reality of what is taking place makes sense of the nonsensical “health” interventions imposed upon societies across the globe since 2020. Destruction of the middle class – effectively a third-worldisation through globalisation – has been warned about since at least the early 1990s by credible experts such as financier Sir James Goldsmith and ex-MI6 intelligence agent Dr John Coleman.

It is a shame to see that New Zealand is so devoid of investigative journalism, that our national dinosaur news source Stuff can publish an article by Katie Kenny claiming to “fact check” Sir Winston Peters who has expressed concerns regarding the World Health Organization WHO CA+ and International Health Regulations plans. It is incomprehensible and absurd that author (we deliberately avoid the term “journalist”) Katie Kenny references the World Health Organization and their Director-General, Tedros Ghebreyseus, as the source for her so-called “fact check”!

Last weekend’s Better Way Conference featured a number of presentations discussing the World Health Organization’s monopoly of power threatening national sovereignty, free speech, the right to dissent, right to privacy, degradation of drug quality and regulation, and supporting dangerous gain of function research. South African microbiologist Fahrie Hassan described recognising something was wrong when the science he knows intimately was being misrepresented. This led him on a journey discovering the enormous conflicts of interest, corruption and criminality that have taken over public health. His slides were a dramatic representation of the public-private partnerships robbing humanity of all autonomy, dignity and liberty. A similar presentation delivered by Hassan is available here.

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So it seems that whilst our so-called “journalists” continue to collude with those controlling this sinister agenda, our doctors and scientists must continue to do the work which we once expected from our media. Time is of the essence. We need every New Zealander with an ounce of care for the future, an ounce of decency and humanity, to join forces with The Great Freeset by speaking out. To friends and family, to colleagues, and to political representatives.

Why Be Concerned About the World Health Organization?

Former congresswoman and a geopolitical observer at the recent World Health Assembly, Michele Bachmann and intelligence analyst Brian O’Shea discussed the “alarming seizure of power” with Dr Drew two days ago. The multiple concerns relate to World Health Organization’s plans to transition from an advisory role to a global regulatory and enforcement role via a merge of the WHO CA+ (treaty) and amended International Health Regulations. Contrary to Katie Kenny’s insistences otherwise, this will cede national sovereignty to an unelected, totalitarian body led by corporate interests. Ashley Bloomfield’s co-chair on the Working Group of the International Health Regulations, Saudi Dr Abdullah Assiri has openly stated the need to restrict individual liberties.

Public health physician and global health biotech consultant Dr David Bell spoke to Leighton Smith at NewstalkZB on the threat the World Health Organization now poses to humanity, on 24 May 2023. Listen here (starts at 17 minutes).

World Health Organization Quote System Will Collapse
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  1. There may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Fact is that the world is rapidly changing from a uni-polar world, dominated by the US all mighty corporates elites, to a multi-polar world.

  2. Excellent podcast. Listen all the way to the end. And share. Thanks to all concerned, speakers and hosts. Refreshing to hear some truth and honesty for a change. So it turns out a certain injection was not safe or effective. And not ‘free’. It’s time to start the process of an inquiry into a certain scamdemic, especially for those politicians whose net worth increased exponentially during that time, and for those poor souls who suffered severe side effects and those families who lost loved ones to said injection. It’s telling that a certain ‘dame’ is trying to put time and distance between her and justice. A typical ruse used by many a criminal.

  3. Latest viral Pfizer killshot, PAX LOVIC, which is the’ latest poison’ to treat covid19, this has all been covered up by lying MSM media, so as to further the depopulation agenda, of the TC UN,WHO, CFR, AND WEF, headed by mass murderers, SCHWAB, and GATES, both have to be arrested, for crimes against Humanity ! Also WEF, CFR, TC, UN/WHO, as well as the elites that have been funding the mass world wide GENOCIDE, by the MRNA, killshot jabs, funded by both of these mass murderers.They are not going to stop… Gates is boasting about another PLANDEMIC, that will be coming. Far worse than covid 19!!! The Data, has been covered up, death toll stands at about 2 BILLION, both killed an injured, by the lethal jab killshots.The big PHARMA ‘ crime syndicate,’ has also to be held COMPLICIT for both of these MASS MURDERERS!

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