Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health: A World Council for Health Report

World Council for Health Report
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The World Council for Health have just published a report, Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health: On the proposed IHR (2005) amendments and WHO pandemic treaty. As well as providing an in-depth analysis of changes being proposed by the World Health Organization and why they constitute a threat to health, sovereignty and democratic governance, the document also recommends measures to avoid these threats and protect democratic ideals.

The report is divided into four distinct sections, as follows:

  1. International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) Amendments
    Seven separate issues of concern are identified and outlined regarding the plans being put into place to control human activity under the guise of health protection.
  2. Pandemic Treaty/Accord (WHO CA+)
    Also subdivided into seven issues of concern, some of which overlap with the IHR amendments, World Council for Health detail the control mechanisms for governance, financing, supply chain and logistics which the Treaty will authorise to WHO as a new supranational, centralised power.
  3. Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health
    This section outlines why monopolies of power threaten democratic values including the scientific process and human rights, the power structures now in place at WHO and how these structures have allowed corruption, bad decisions and fatal mistakes to dominate WHO’s public health response.
  4. A Better Way for Global Public Health
    World Council for Health make six recommendations essential to ensuring the failures of the COVID-19 response as directed by WHO are not repeated. These are decentralising control; ensuring the right to privacy by rejecting digital surveillance systems; protecting free speech and the right to dissent; genuine global collaboration with community participation; cessation of gain-of-function research; a refocus on safeguarding human rights and human dignity.

Read World Council For Health: Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health

It is imperative that global health is reoriented away from the corrupted practices of vested and powerful interests. NZDSOS stand firm with World Council for Health as an eminently authentic and ethical collaborative force working to re-establish the principles of public health to protect human rights, medical ethics, the scientific process and democratic values.

Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health is a groundbreaking document offering a historical account of what went wrong, describing the attempts being made to establish these wrongs as accepted standards, and providing valuable insights into how to correct course before it is too late. Download and read the report here.

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