Matt Shelton Speaks Passionately At The 23 Aug Freedom March

Medical Victories Dr Shelton
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At the freedom march in Wellington, NZDSOS’s Dr Matt Shelton addressed the crowds about medical freedom.

He reads Vera Sharav’s speech on the 75th anniversary of Nuremberg and speaks about the lead-up to the Holocaust. The genocide and forced medical experiments that hall-marked this period were preceded by an unmitigated suspension of civil rights and freedom of speech, along with fear mongering, hate mongering and constant tyrannical propaganda. Groups of people were branded as spreaders of disease and useless eaters. Medicine was perverted from its healing mission and was weaponised.

The Nuremberg Code was put in place so that these horrors were never again repeated.

Those who do not learn from history are, of course, doomed to repeat it. We need to recognise the ominous parallels between current polices and those under the Nazi regime.

Dr Matt Shelton’s Freedom March Speech

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