From: New Zealand Police – A Vacuous Reply to Our Letters on Deaths Associated With the C-19 Jabs

new zealand police
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We don’t want to say that we didn’t expect this response from the New Zealand Police to our series of letters, but we were not surprised when we received it. We had an expectation that the NZ police would be neutral in all matters. With the increasing visibility of death and harm associated with the C-19 jabs, surely some body is responsible? In referring all cases to the Coroner, are the police are turning a blind eye to a potential crime? We know that of the 189 deaths reported to Medsafe, only 8 are still under investigation and 2 are still awaiting the coroner’s report. We have reported many more.Given the massive roll-out, the experimental nature of Comirnaty with phase 3 and 4 trials still in progress and the deaths that we have pointed out, it is unfathomable, that nothing further is being done.

Read: Response from New Zealand Police

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