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To: Medsafe & NZ Police on Vaccine Deaths – A 2nd Series of Letters Refuting Safe & Effective

After no action was taken in response to our barrister’s letters to the police, we wrote a further two emails about vaccine deaths to both Chris James, Group Manager of Medsafe and Andrew Coster, Police Commissioner. We highlight further possible vaccine deaths that have occurred in relation to the covid injections. We have removed identifying features of vaccine deaths that we have removed in this post.

We ask why the only reply received was an acknowledgement of our letters by the police? Did these emails not make it to Chris James? Why are these government bodies who are meant to protect us remaining mute on vaccine deaths?

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10 August 2022:

From NZDSOS to Chris James and Andrew Coster

Dear Mr James and Commissioner Coster. 

As you may know there has been a new spate of deaths amongst children over the last fortnight. We posit them as possibly in line with ‘eligible’ kids getting their boosters or 2nd jabs in time for the new school term. Details below, confidential as usual.

Our solicitor is away so we are writing to you both directly, as it is completely unclear whether these deaths will make it to and through Medsafe’s CARM system for consideration by the independent safety monitoring board (ISMB). Frankly we doubt the ISMB can be independent, given the doctors there will have been threatened by the Medical Council not to undermine the narrative, like the rest of us.  As their identities are unknown, so are their other conflicts. Anyway, in view of the huge disconnect between deaths in the community following jabs and what eventually shows up at Medsafe ( we are ethically and legally bound to report these cases for urgent assessment. Are we incorrect in suggesting that Medsafe, too, is ethically and legally bound to assess what has been reported to them outside of the CARM system? We know that many hundreds of people report their injuries directly to Medsafe instead, but are unclear what happens to those reports. 

As you know we have reported deaths following injections multiple times. The evidence we have supplied for these vaccines causing excess death both in the immediate post injection period and as a rise in all cause mortality, is now extensive, publicly posted and inarguable –  and as yet unrefuted by you both. This is most notable in working age adults in heavily vaccinated countries, including ours. 

In addition to the latest names, we want to include just one recent news story and ask that you try to imagine how it might have been for the children of the suddenly dead mother, her husband, and everyone else on the flight. Of course, there are no details of her vaccine history, and you may decide it could just have been this young health professional’s “time to die”. Whatever works for you, we suppose, but the quality of your reactions might inform how things have gone this far. However, in none of our combined lifetimes, has it ever been normal to see so many sudden deaths in children, athletes and the working-age population.  If these have nothing to do with the covid-19 vaccines, what alternative explanation is there and surely they still need investigating?

We are under no illusions that our taxpayer-funded and democratic systems are working normally, but the casual disregard of very valid serious concerns of likely vaccine harm is truly stunning, frightening and previously unheard of. Disregarding the messenger has not made the risk to the public go away so far, nor removed any culpability. 

We can well imagine the rationalisation required to keep quiet and carry on at this late stage of the rollout, in the face of continued evidence of harm, and can only imagine the immense political pressure involved.  Please do the right thing and investigate our information. 

Your sincerely


The following are annotated details as confirmed by us. 

1.  xx Year 8 girl, around 12 or 13yo  – Dod 4/8/22

Died Thursday during running/athletics practice from cardiac arrest and her parents tried CPR on her, but she couldn’t be revived.

This of course puts in mind both Isabelle Alexander and Sean Wainui, both young and fit, dismissed quickly and speculatively by officials and the media as being unrelated to jab.

2.  xx  – Approx 12?

Passed away suddenly on the 3rd of August 2022

Much loved, happy boy, looks to have learning difficulties, loved leaning hugs and kisses.  Popular at school.

3.  xx Dod 27/7/22  14 yo

xx was found unconscious at a creek close to home. Police/emergency crew were called to the scene but he was pronounced dead at scene from an ‘apparent drowning’.

4. XX dod 24/7/22 age 14

Had a sudden cardiac arrest on 20/7/22, put in ICU and died about 2 days later approx 24/7

14 August 2022:

From NZDSOS to Chris James and Andrew Coster

Good morning Messrs. James and Coster, 

Please find the below addendum, and attachment. 

We await your urgent confirmation of receipt and response. 

Your sincerely

Addendum 12th August 2022. 

Another unexpected child death has been reported, that of 6 year old xx on the 7th August. We hope you will investigate accordingly this latest addition to the grim tally of deaths requiring the vaccine be ruled out as a causative agent. Like one of our children, she was a Halloween baby, born 31st October 2015.

We attach a new report from an independent German team, adding new proof of toxic ingredients in the vaccines to those we have already supplied to you both (the UNIT report in the UK, and Dr Roberto Campra at La Quinta Columna and the Uni. of Almeria, Spain). Note again the presence of many metals that have no purpose or place in the human body and are unheard of in prior vaccines, with the exception of aluminium and mercury. 

To the Police Comissioner we say: we and legal colleagues have presented victims, clues to methods and some suggestions as to motives though that is for the prosecution team to finally establish. Prove us wrong if you can, and we will have to defend charges of public nuisance. Otherwise help put an immediate stop to further deaths and disablement. 

15 August 2022:

From Office of the Police Commissioner to NZDSOS

Kia ora

Both of your emails have been received at the Office of the Police Commissioner.

Ngā mihi

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