Christmas Remembrance – A Heartfelt Letter For Liam

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The tragic stories of loss are mounting moment by moment around New Zealand, and the story of 26-year-old Rory James Nairn who died on 17 November 2021 just 12 days after receiving his first dose of the Pfizer C-19 injection is one such story which touched the nation. The coronial inquest ruled that Rory’s death was due to myocarditis, inflammation of the heart, a serious adverse effect of the injection. Penned by Mary Hobbs, a heartfelt letter for Liam, honours a life lived, a life loved and shared, it reflects on loss and the enormity of this especially at a time when families and friends come together at Christmas, a time of celebration to eat, laugh and to create happy memories together. For those whose lives have been irreparably damaged or cut short – we will not forget and will not let others forget also.

By Mary Hobbs: A Heartfelt Letter for Liam

Christmas is generally known as a wonderful time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy each other’s company. It’s summer and most of us greet these holidays at this time of year as a welcome break from work, school or university commitments, and the pressures of daily living.

The majority of Kiwis will surely feel more peace and a lightness of being because Parliament — better known over the past few years as a place of national oppression where democratic rights are under attack — is closed and its inhabitants, along with the media acolytes who do their bidding, are on holiday, too. So peace descends on New Zealand for a precious few weeks.

A balm for the soul.

But there are many thousands of Kiwis for whom Christmases past held far greater joy and remain as the most precious of memories, in comparison to this Christmas, which for them was one they approached with trepidation, a sense of helplessness, foreboding and dread.

Liam O’Sullivan’s mother Julie felt this Christmas was like that as she felt the deepest sense of loss and grief, knowing that all she and her family wanted was for their beloved Liam to walk through the door.

But he didn’t. And he never will — not in physical form — because, like many hundreds of other Kiwis, Liam died within months of receiving a covid-19 injection that may have killed him.

She put on a brave face as they joined together for a family dinner without their cheerful, loving, loyal, fun-filled, generous son, grandson, brother and friend, with a laugh that seemed so full of sunshine, and who, as she said, ‘gave the best hugs’.

Julie still turns to him to say something, only to find he is not there. There is an empty space instead. Even though, within herself, Julie feels he is fine, she knows they are all filled with a desperate longing to see him in the flesh once more, to hold him tight again and tell him how much they love him and always will.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of the truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fail – think of it. ALWAYS.”

Mahutma Gandhi

    This family, and hundreds of other Kiwi families, have been taken on a journey that has driven them to the brink.

    Several months ago Liz Gunn of FreeNZ Media did a compassionate interview with Julie. Pain, grief and desolation were etched on her face and in her voice, as she haltingly recalled what happened to their beloved Liam. Before he had the experimental injection Liam was fit, healthy and strong. Working as a builder, he was putting in ten-hour days on the job. His life was full of promise and he looked towards his future with enthusiasm and vigour.

    In October, 2021, Liam was pressured to take the first experimental Pfizer jab. His GP also advised him to get it, but Liam confided to his mum that he didn’t want it. He didn’t trust it. He knew.

    He became extremely tired after the first jab. And then, five days post-experimental injection, he was walking down an Auckland street when, without warning, he became incapacitated by a severe seizure, the first of what was to be many, along with hallucinations that were completely alien to him. Hospital admissions and consultations followed where some in long white coats seemed to exhibit a slavish desire to protect an experimental gene-based therapy injection produced by a drug corporation that since its rollout has caused irreparable harm to many millions worldwide, leaving death and destruction in its wake.

    Liam’s bright future spiraled out of control. He was told he suddenly had epilepsy and put on medication. Julie explained that he was told he had a rare “mitochondrial disorder” that suddenly and coincidentally produced symptoms. But what he was not told was that “mitochondrial impairment” can be an adverse effect of the experimental injection that he had taken five days earlier. No. Because if a doctor or nurse raises their voice in caution about the trial gene-based therapy, they are suspended or deregistered. Yet there are heroes amongst us who have done that and many can be found at www.nzdsos.com  For them, their Hippocratic Oath and care for their patients is senior to all else. The response was suspension or deregistration and loss of livelihood. Undaunted, and such is their care, that they set up a clinic where those suffering side-effects are able to seek genuine help and they tirelessly continue to try to get the word out and hold authorities to account.

    Liam didn’t know when he would have a seizure again and was terrified he would do so. He also suffered from tremors. He could no longer work as a builder, so became unemployed, yet ACC gave no assistance, despite a “no fault” payment for medical injury

    Liam’s Legacy was one of happiness, joy and laughter that he generously gaveHis mother Julie said he would want everyone to remember him by following their heart and living their best life.

    Liam’s father, Denis, works in Wellington and suggested his son come down with him, as he could be supervised there when he was able to work, so Liam made the move. He was not the same though — not since that bleak day in October when he took the first injection, but he did his best.

    In February of 2022, Liam and his dad were planning to return to Auckland to join a family celebration for the 80th birthday of Liam’s grandmother. Denis had to do a few jobs that morning and invited Liam to join him, but Liam felt tired, so decided he would wait for him to return. They were scheduled to go for a haircut together before they left.

    When Denis returned, he called out to say he was home. There was no reply. He found his son dead, in his bedroom, after having suffered another seizure. The pain and trauma of finding one’s dearly loved son gone was something no parent should ever have to endure. Because it was so sudden, the police had to be called. They took the body and it was not released to the distraught family until four days later.

    Broken-hearted, Julie, and her daughters, flew to Wellington. The family paid the exorbitant fee for Liam’s body to be returned to Auckland and waited for his body to be taken from the plane. There was no assistance or help from the “safe and effective” government. No help from ACC, the department that are meant to help if there is  medical “misadventure”. No word from any member of parliament, no department reaching out to assist. No empathy. No compassion. No care. No kindness. Just obstacles to be scaled by a loving family, mute with an overwhelming pain and grief, that no one can know unless they themselves have walked that unenviable, harrowing and desolate road. It was a miracle they were still standing.

    Liam’s funeral was big, loving and personal. Julie was unable to speak, but stood with her family and supported them as they did. His friends spoke, too. The service told of an honest, kind, sensitive and extremely loyal young man who followed his heart and was comfortable just being himself without apology. He was full of fun, talkative, hilarious, and showed enormous kindness and love for his family and friends. His old school did a heartfelt, emotional and beautiful haka, communicating through their actions, something that words could not.

    So Christmas was different this year without their beloved Liam’s physical presence, as it was for many, many other families around the country.

    Julie has been waiting for about a year now for a Coroner’s Hearing or inquest. She expected that, at the very least, there would be some sort of justice that would occur with that, surely? It is understood that true justice is swift and accurate. It is another blow for her that there has been no honest inquest or forthcoming report. Julie has found that efforts to obtain his medical records have also been stymied.

    A doctor who has investigated many of these cases explained that the ‘system’ seems set up to avoid proper investigation by hiding any possibility that the covid injection could be responsible for the death of those who died shortly afterwards. A few deaths may be coincidence, but most are extremely likely to be the injection and the government surely has an obligation to all New Zealanders to undertake an honest transparent and committed investigation in each case, especially given the catastrophic long-term consequences of getting this wrong, particularly when it is promoted so heavily as “safe and effective”. The doctor commented that cases like Liam’s, along with many other children and young people who died suddenly, suggests our parliament and its institutions will go down in history for their shocking abject abandonment of the people.

    The wounds remain unhealed and open. Families have been hollowed by grief. Yet there is still a fire that burns strongly within the heart of some, including Julie, who wants to see justice done, and for Liam’s life to help others by helping to expose what is happening in front of us: That we have good reason to believe the medical system has been fully compromised, with medical staff threatened with loss of their practicing licenses and suspension and deregistration if they dare to even raise a single word of caution about the experimental injection — a product that has brought irreparable harm (and also death) to thousands of New Zealanders and millions throughout the world. Increasingly, it seems that doctors are now voices for government policy rather than their own professional assessment.

    Edie Dowd, an extremely successful former fund manager for BlackRock, whose job was to predict trends based on statistics, became very alarmed by the number of young people who were dying suddenly, combined with the fact that health authorities were avoiding talking about it. They didn’t want to know. So he wrote a book on it, based on what he does best; evaluating the situation on the statistics and factual data. The evidence he has compiled is compelling.

    Julie also urges people to start talking about the side effects, the injuries, and the deaths. To everyone she can, Julie says, “It is OK to talk about it.” We must, for burying the fact that this is happening is hurting those who don’t know and it is a dishonouring of those who have shown us as clearly as possible that this experimental injection is not safe and effective and never has been.

    The pharmaceutical corporation (Pfizer and others) have done deals with the government that have never been divulged to the public, but most certainly should be. If it is all above-board, why hide it?  Pfizer were also one of the top pharmaceutical corporations in the world that has paid out the most in fines for fraud and bribing doctors. Surely that should put them under the microscope?

    The government mantra that the experimental injection was “safe and effective” has been proven to be a blatant lie, yet those affected are not compensated or assisted. And still the government continues to lie and roll out the jab, along with no opposition from other parties in parliament, despite clear evidence as to why they should ban it; despite many letters from www.nzdsos.com alerting them to the dangers; despite many doctors and professors throughout the world, including the ethical doctors at nzdsos.com and despite eminent cardiologists in the UK and the US, and former vice-president of Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon, who worked in vaccine development for over 20 years, also demanding that this alarming experimental gene-therapy be immediately stopped; and despite other UK doctors also speaking out and demanding this harmful experiment be halted, including U.K. medical teacher and researcher Dr John Campbell, who has over 2.5 million followers as a result of his journey of awakening through the pandemic that has culminated in his call for an inquiry into the massive number of injuries this life-threatening experiment has caused.

    These calls, along with the Pfizer release of the nine pages of adverse effects they fought to hide for 75 years — but failed due to the courageous order of a U.S. Judge who decreed they should be made known immediately — should surely have moved all governments to put an immediate stop to a product that has killed and maimed. Yet it is brazenly continued, aided and abetted by a sponsored propaganda machine, formerly known as mainstream news, along with an “opposition” complicit through its silence.

    Any government AND opposition that has the interests of the people at heart would have put a stop to it, for surely it would only be a despotic psychopathic cabal that would seek to continue to do harm in the face of such overwhelming evidence that this rollout should be immediately stopped? Yet here in NZ, and elsewhere, the circus continues to travel on with little booths dotted about the country where the murderous potion is dispensed, while the same “government” lauds and “knights” bureaucrats who pushed it, while deserting the maimed and bereaved, and while attacking Kiwi doctors and nurses brave enough to call it out.

    NZDSOS, and thousands of like-minded doctors all over the world, have done exhaustive research on the adverse effects of this trial gene-therapy injection. A spokesperson for NZDSOS said:

    “There are hundreds of cases like this —unexplained deaths in young healthy adults and children and there is too little investigation to reassure us . . . Guilty until proven innocent is the maxim for drug trial researchers. We simply must stop this experimental injection immediately and have an honest investigation.

    “When a tragedy like this happens, there is a desperate effort by the authorities to trawl through the medical history of the patient and hang the cause of death on some tenuous “cause” rather than the most urgent one to rule out.  In regard to Liam, the injection of an experimental gene-based therapy caused a devastating reaction five days afterwards, from which he later died. This is particularly relevant when this very issue is one of the serious adverse effects. Additionally, the Pfizer post-marketing report, supplied to Medsafe well before Liam was eligible, but kept from the public, contained numerous side effects involving new seizures, epileptic psychosis and worsened control of pre-existing epilepsy, as happened in the case of Louis Amos. In total, 1223 deaths and over 40 000 side effect reports were received by Pfizer In the first three months of its widespread rollout.

    “The fact is that if it had been known beforehand that there had been a genetic disposition towards mitochondrial disease then Liam should have been told by medical staff that he should never have had this injection, based on the research published in March 2021 which we submitted to government. But Liam was strong and fit, and certainly not clinically ill beforehand, so this supposedly inherited condition might have been irrelevant to his death, or the vaccine could have been a compounding insult in a genetically vulnerable person. Proper prolonged clinical trials may have shown this, but these were not completed. Why was the jab cruelly being mandated for everyone regardless of medical history and with no safety data? This was unheard of pre-covid.

    “The inhumanity is staggering. The false description of this experimental injection as a “vaccine” has pitted members of families, friends, work colleagues and New Zealanders against each other and is a gross act of betrayal. Some bereaved families are tearing themselves apart, and of course there are intense sensitivities, but as difficult as it may be, these tragic stories must be told as there is too much at stake to ignore the most likely explanation in many of these sudden illnesses and deaths. We need to work together to ensure it doesn’t happen to other loved ones and their families.

    “Many who have had the trial injections are in denial, which is entirely understandable. They don’t want to know it could result in serious side effects and/or death. Yet if they do face that with support, and cease further boosters, then it is more likely something can be done to reduce their risk — even now.”

    Astonishingly, the current focus of parliament now appears to be seeking to inhibit natural products through the proposed passing of a new draconian law. Their reasoning for such a Bill would be laughable if it wasn’t so abhorrent, considering they continue to promote an experimental pharmaceutical injection, still on trial, that has been proven to maim and kill.

    If you have managed to get to the end of this story and ask, “What can I do?” The answer is this:  Please talk about it, write about it, and make it known.

    Please spare a moment to write to your member of parliament. Write what you choose, but please write. It could be as simple as asking your MP if they have seen the Pfizer list of adverse events of the injection and supplying the link from this article, or referring them to the Open Letter to Parliament from lawyer Kirstin Murfitt.  Ask why this rollout continues when it has resulted in so many injured and dead Kiwis. Ask why the reporting of adverse effects is not mandatory. Ask why a person’s medical history doesn’t need to be checked for a new experimental injection and why formerly fit and healthy young people are dying suddenly and not being investigated. The letters may well be disregarded — but the recipients cannot deny they were received. And if a million letters arrived, then surely that avalanche of communication cannot be ignored.

    It is a letter for every single Kiwi, and their families, who have suffered irreparable harm, or who have died, as a result of this deadly experimental gene-based therapy injection. It is a letter for hundreds of New Zealanders who are no longer able to speak and for tens of thousands of Kiwis who are unable to work due to severe health issues and disability as a result of taking the experimental injection.

    Please write, even if it is just a note. Be the voice for the silenced. Speak for them. Stand for them. Let’s work together to help save other families from the devastation of having loved ones injured or dead, as a result of, or contributing factor, to this dreadful experimental jab. If you don’t feel you are able to write, then start conversations about it with your friends and family. Ask questions. Don’t be put off. Keep talking about it. Seek information from reliable sources rather than media sponsored by the government who seek to silence all of us on this topic.

    Think for yourself.

    Keep asking questions. Refer people to the website of www.nzdsos.com and their factual resources that can be found in the section labelled Posts, and also the links in this article. If they have had the injections, then a call to the nzdsos.com clinic may also be helpful to mitigate side effects. That will help. It may also help prevent your family and loved ones being harmed in the future.

    And it seems it would make Liam smile, — for Julie says he just isn’t one to be silenced…

    Thank you.

    Note: This deeply personal story was made possible through the courageous testimony of Liam’s mother, Julie. It was read and fully approved by Julie before it was published.

    Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” — Robert F. Kennedy

    Photo of Liam © J O’Sullivan Collection. All other photos © Mary Hobbs.

    It is our hope that this letter gives others the courage to speak out and to find their voice to share a story of harm or loss. Until we are able to honestly and openly acknowledge the serious damage caused by the novel, experimental pharmaceutical injection we dishonour all those who have suffered harm or loss and we put more lives at risk from the potential harm from the injection as long as we allow the ‘safe and effective’ mantra to continue. We all have a part to play in getting the truth out and we can do this by sharing stories and information, questioning the narrative and remembering all conversations count. Be the ripple effect and help break the silence about C-19 injection injuries and deaths.

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