Dodgy Dealings Over Dead Dentist, Vivek Jain

Dead dentist Vivek Jain
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Vivek Jain was a young dentist who died at age 37, in the week following his 2nd jab.

He was found dead at home when he failed to turn up at his dental practice in Matakana, on 23rd of June 2021.

Vivek Jain
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As a front-line worker Vivek Jain was compelled by his Dental Council via their “Guidance Statement”, issued jointly with the Medical Council, which mandated vaccination and prevented doctors – or rather most of them –  discussing the risks. It is unknown if he was a jab enthusiast although he did not get jabbed when it first became available for healthcare workers in late February 2021. The clincher seems that he was to be married in Australia the following week and needed the 2nd jab to travel for his wedding. 

His clinic was growing, he was popular, with good social connections and he played cricket. He had everything to live for until his sudden death from a brain haemorrhage. 

Just like after the suspicious (to us) death of rugby star Sean Wainui, “rumours” appeared quickly suggesting that Vivek Jain had committed suicide.

However, the police report deals with a long blood clot found protruding from Vivek’s nose, and there are first-hand accounts from the family friend who went to look for him. The senior policeman investigating described the cause as the young fit dentist’s “overall bad health”, or words to that effect, but not before stating that he had never seen anything like this appearance in his life. 

It would be extremely unusual for any doctor to sign a death certificate in a case like this without knowing the cause of death so the coroner would have been informed. It is probable that Vivek had a CT scan – a so called external PM – which showed a subarachnoid haemorrhage or intracerebral stroke (bleed or blockage). 

Within a week his body was being shipped  to India, to an uncle. He appears to have no relatives in New Zealand. 

In our view, the sudden death of a (yet another) young, healthy, happy person just after the novel experimental gene therapy injection needs more than to be swept hastily under the magic carpet to India. A full investigation must include examination of any interference from official sources preventing the discovering of the true cause of death. Since there wasn’t  – HE DIED FROM THE VACCINE, until proven otherwise. Just like so many others.  

NZDSOS has seen post mortems that were done following vaccination-proximate deaths and in many the clear cause is not discovered, and the fact of recent vaccination may not even be available, or mentioned, to the pathologist and coroner. In this way deaths from the jab continue to be hidden. 

The life and death of Vivek Jain – along with thousands of others – must not be swept aside, and there are people who, to this day, are driving the vaccine campaign on, in the sure knowledge of more deaths to come. Since there is no lawful pathway to allow these deaths, criminal investigation must come into play.

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  1. Dear NZDSOS, could you please tell me in what circumstances is a death soon after the covid jab legally assumed to be caused by the jab, and if this also applies to any other forms of alleged medical care? Thaanks, John Carter.

    1. Hi John, It is a norm of any pharmaceutical clinical trial that an independent safety monitoring board conducts real-time surveillance of clinical trial members, and stops the trial immediately and investigates if the product causes a serious event. Of course there are those that still claim the jab was not experimental when Vivek died, along with seemingly many other NZers and people round the world, in the first few months of the rollout. After this time, it’s possible a new formulation may have been shipped in.

  2. Vivek was my Dentist, and I had a good rapour with him.
    Until this article appeared, I had no idea what had happened to Vivek.

  3. That’s so sad Jeff, I’m really sorry you had to find out this way and for the death of Mr Vivek himself….it never should have happened. RIP

  4. Vivek was my dentist too, and he couldn’t do enough for me. I miss him and hate what happened to him. He had everything to live for. He was about to get married and instead he ended up in a coffin dressed in his wedding shirt. Yes a criminal investigation must come into play and thank you writing about him. He must not and will not be forgotten.

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