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Malicious Medical Injustice

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In the New Zealand High Court on 7th December 2022 Justice Ian Gault made his decision in the case of Baby W and gave temporary medical guardianship of the baby to Te Whatu Ora (to be undertaken by Starship Hospital doctors).

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) said, “the government has taken a huge gamble by assuming that most people will be affronted by the possibility that their vaccinated blood could possibly harm a little baby, and will support Te Whatu Ora against the insulting and demonising ‘anti-vaxxers'”.

Again, New Zealand has the government dictating medical decisions for New Zealand citizens, by appearing to control the courts to do this. “The wishes of New Zealanders are immaterial. The Bill of Rights, the Health & Disability Commission Code of Rights Acts, medical ethics, informed consent, have all been swept aside once again, in full view of the world whose eyes are watching”, said the spokesperson. “Legal protection spanning the Magna Carta to He Whakaputanga to the Geneva Convention and onwards have been side-swiped to usher in…well ‘something wicked this way comes’.”

Previously before the time of covid, patients and parents would have been heard, taken seriously, respected and accommodated where possible. Every element in the Health and Disability Code of patient rights is to that end. It is heartbreaking to witness the depths to which the medical profession has sunk. Also, it is no wonder that trust in the medical system is at an all-time low as people are becoming increasingly aware of the government sitting in the consultation room between doctor and patient – once a sacrosanct relationship built on trust and honesty.

Read here: Malicious Medical Injustice

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