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Critical Letter to MP’s regarding Proposed Amendments to the IHR -International Health Regulations

While it may seem all sunshine and trips to the beach Down Under, something sinister brews over in Geneva where negotiations are underway to amend the International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005. On 13 December, 2023 New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) wrote a critical letter to all Members of Parliament (MP’s) about the World Health Organization (WHO) law making and what the intended legally binding international IHR law will mean for New Zealand, our identity, our sovereignty and the rights and freedoms of every living man, woman and child in our country.

New Zealand is one of the World Health Organization member states and is actively engaged in a number of WHO-led processes but most people are unaware of the ramifications of these ‘processes’ and how this will severely impact our future lives and the future of our country if the proposed amendments to the IHR are adopted by the 194 member nations – and that these would be binding regardless of whether the delegates from New Zealand vote for or against adopting them.

We strongly urge all New Zealanders to write to MPs, meet with their local MP and question if they are aware of the IHR amendments, to publicly state their position in regard to the proposed amendments and what they intend to do to preserve our national identity. Print the letter below to start a conversation and to help stop the POWER GRAB by the World Health Organization.

Read: Critical Letter to MP’s regarding Proposed Amendments to the IHR – International Health Regulations

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