Framing Freedom – Why the Press Peddle Hate

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Paula Penfold’s publicly-funded mistreatment of earnest and politically savvy people protesting extreme government over-reach has had a few positives. The parliamentary protest hit piece itself was actually a while coming but it’s timing was perfect – for freedom loving people suspicious of control freakism and radical ideology. It also helped those who had not looked before to what was actually going on and perhaps allowed them to see the freedom movement from a different perspective.

Like the terrified child forcibly vaccinated who finds the sting of ‘a little prick with a needle’ not as bad as the anticipation, we are left wondering about Fire and Fury: was that it? As a demonstration of supposed state-of-the-art propoganda, it was just too obvious, lacking even subtle attempts to disguise it’s lies and smearing. Every dirty trick in the book is laid on thick, like a Hollywood movie oozing canned sentiment to elicit the required emotions from a jaded and shallow test audience. 

She underestimates how many of us remain ‘un-Americanised’ still, despite decades of  MTV-style soundbites and celebrity ‘culture’, hip hop videos and reductionist formulaic sitcoms that all subliminally define an ‘ideal’ life experience that the hapless audience and actors never quite achieve, but gamely still battle towards. Humour is the lifeblood of resilience in these TV shows, but the manipulative messaging lying beneath is darkly real: forget it, resistance to forces too massive for you to understand is useless; then salve that knowing with consumer goods, food, booze, drugs, sex or it’s digital poor cousin; and above all, don’t be arrogant enough to think you know what’s best for you. The moment you construct a plan, the situation comedy of life will bite your ass. 

But we freedom lovers simply love our freedom – of mind, body and soul. The media is doing it’s best to hide that these inalienable rights are being reclaimed by more and more people, but many are breaking the trance that was cynically induced by the presstitutes. Seventy-plus million dollars buys a lot of support for The Narrative. And far, FAR larger sums are at stake; hence the battle for control of the worlds doctors

These media hucksters pipe larger-than-life emotions straight into our limbic forebrains and ramp up the conflict angle in every story, so people become addicted to the resultant sea of “wow!” neurotransmitters like dopamine and adrenaline. Some of us remain thoughtful and questioning, however, like our good friend and NZDSOS colleague, psychiatrist Manny Garcia

The MSM’s worst nightmare is for our lives to be as they ought – for the most part fairly mundane and peaceful, so we learn to be calm and joyful inside, and enjoy our selves; where mindfulness can blossom to turn our wants into preferences, the better to answer our own needs. And we can take joy in the sheer presence of other people, whatever they may or may not bring to our party. 

Our journalist friend Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards has written an excellent substack article, expanded to an excellent 2 parter on his own site – that analyses the hows and whys of media manipulation, examining the international perspective and how the shocktroops of our local press lie and distort, the better to programe our responses. He explains why the media frames the NZ Freedom Movement with an enemy image, and how a social norm of “conspiracy denialism” became a global cult phenomenon at the onset of the pandemic. Please read it. 

We wonder how else the whole thing could have been carried off as long as it was, despite abundant proof to contradict the exhortations to jab and be free. Come to think of it, how did authorities miss that one as a cool slogan to line people up for their showers – sorry, we mean injections. But it does put in mind the sinister capture of the word ‘freedom’ by death cults, as in the welcome sign over the nazi death camp gates: Arbeit Macht Frei,  “freedom through work”.

Gates at Auschwitz

Reclaiming Freedom

But now we reclaim the word in it’s unabashed simplicity, and the propaganda machine doesn’t like it. 

It is often said, insultingly, that many people are afraid of freedom, of having to manage their own lives, and wouldn’t know what to do with it. That is beside the point. It was never anyone else’s to take from them in the first place; they can be free to exercise it, or not, as they wish, and decide based on all important information given freely to them. This has not happened regarding Covid-19 and its treatments.  

We say the mainstream press are enabling the wilful cover-up of injection deaths in our young and old, if not a planetary scale genocide. Nothing they say can be believed anymore – and nor should it, if humanity is to survive and thrive, truly free. 

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