Monkeypox Outbreak

Monkeypox Outbreak: Psyops, Gain of Function or Both? Post 2 of 3.

Is the monkeypox outbreak genuinely concerning or is this a psyop (‘psychological operation’ designed to scare you and make you comply)? 

The place to look is the Mainstream Media. For context, see our previous post on the medical aspects of monkeypox.

1. It’s not Covid

Recently the Covid-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins, trying to reduce fears around monkeypox told us that “it’s not Covid-19”, that “New Zealand was ready for monkeypox” and that “practices that became the norm as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic would stand the public in good stead. One tool at the Government’s disposal is contact tracing, which Hipkins said would work in the country’s favour in the face of any outbreak.” Furthermore Hipkins was positive about the existence of Jynneos, a combination smallpox and monkeypox vaccine.  “There are treatments, there are vaccines and the treatment is very easy”.

2. Everyone is talking about monkeypox – so should you be worried?

Two days prior, Stuff had run a piece asking, “should you be worried?”  They quoted statements by the WHO (World Health Orgnaisation) that indicated an unusual sequence of events in the current monkeypox outbreak and then followed this up with reassurance that the Smallpox vaccine, Jynneos was 85% effective in preventing monkeypox and that the CDC said it might help prevent disease and make it less severe. Without taking a figurative breath we are then told that people below age 40-50 (who had not previously been vaccinated against Smallpox) may be more susceptible to monkeypox.

Stuff explained that the WHO had stated that the fact that no travel links between West and Central Africa and the outbreak in Europe had been established was “highly unusual and that there was an urgent need to raise  awareness…undertake comprehensive case finding and isolation (provided with supportive care), contact tracing and supportive care to limit further onward transmission”

The advise directly from the WHO published in Stuff

In this article, Professor Kurt Krause from the University of Otago reportedly stated that in the absence of a major genomic change, or a major shift in the rate at which monkeypox spread, it was unlikely to cause a major outbreak. While Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security stated “We don’t really have the sense yet of what’s driving it.”

3. Key questions about monkeypox and NZ’s response answered

Stuff digital tells us that a previously obscure disease that has moved beyond central and west Africa is worrying. We are then reassured that “A Health Ministry spokesperson said options for obtaining smallpox vaccines and anti-viral medications were being explored. “If there was a case in New Zealand, an appropriate strategy would be a targeted one…””

Chilling words indeed.  It is happening again:  build up the confusion and fear of a deadly disease that we can do nothing about, then build up trust that the government will take care of things for those at risk, then coerce the populace into dependency.

Let’s take a look at their word games.

  • Allay fears
    • We weren’t fearful to start with; neither were we fearful of the common cold. Is Hipkins trying to induce fear?
  • New Zealand is ready for monkeypox
    • What exactly does a country need to do to be ready for a rare, usually mild disease? Should we exercise, eat well and get enough sleep to give our bodies the best chance of overcoming an ancient virus?  No, nothing to do except contract tracing and compliance.
  • Practices that became the norm 
    • Which practices exactly?  Locking up healthy people, dobbing in your friends and neighbours, social distancing?  Has Hipkins not availed himself of current medical literature that indicates not only were these measures useless at stopping viral spread of Covid-19 but they caused immense harm, particularly in the vulnerable?  Maybe these practices have served their actual purpose, that of normalising restrictions and removing freedoms?
  • There are treatments, there are vaccines and the treatment is very easy.
    • According to Dr Monica Ghandi, Professor of Clinical Medicine; Associate Chief, Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine, University of California, treatment is usually supportive. Supportive in the context of Covid-19 means do nothing until your lips go blue and you can’t breathe. Is this what they mean to do for monkeypox? (I am envisioning her namesake spinning in his grave). Based on animal studies, Dr Ghandi suggests anti-viral pharmaceuticals in the event that the patient is very ill.  Does this sound “very easy”?
  • An urgent need to raise awareness…undertake isolation 
    • Another attempt at inducing fear.
  • Protect yourself and others. Isolate, avoid contact, clean hands and surfaces, wear a mask
    • These measures sound kind but did not work for a much more infectious virus, Sars-Cov-2.  Instead they nudged us into compliance, virtue signalling and wokeism that ended with many taking a dangerous experimental investigational vaccine.
    • Interestingly while “experts” are quoting the published medical literature stating that the monkeypox virus is spread through saliva and droplets, the WHO in 2021 posted a report implying that monkeypox was spread by airborne transmission. Another nudge for masks?  This article can be found on the waybackmachine.
  • Jynneos was 85% effect in preventing monkeypox and might help prevent the disease or make it less severe.
    • Which is it?  85% effective or “might be effective”?  All nuance and no substance, sowing confusion.
  • Younger people may be more at risk. 
    • Fear mongering again – “Oh no, this is not a disease of the old and frail, I have a family to look after, I had better listen to the experts”.
  • In the absence of a major genomic change…and we don’t have the sense of what’s driving it. 
    • A major genomic change reminds us of….oh yes, Biolabs and Gain-of-Function. Surely not?

Is the monkeypox outbreak related to a Gain-of-Function, Laboratory-Engineered Virus? And Was the Response Pre-planned in a War Game Exercise?

Dr Robert Malone has published a substack that may answer the last point above. Surely this outbreak is not associated with gain of function. Alas, the signs are once again there.

A “table top exercise” in March 2021 modeled a bioterror attack of an engineered (read gain-of-function enhanced, resistant to vaccine) monkeypox outbreak that was predicted to kill 271 million people, globally. This was held by the NTI:  The Nuclear Threat Initiative, a “nonprofit, nonpartisan global security organisation focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity”.  The date of the threat in the exercise was five days before CNN actually reported the monkeypox outbreak.  Coincidence?

1. WHO International Health Regulation (IHR) Modifications

The announcement of monkeypox cases in the west came just before an important WHO meeting where the proposed changes to the IHR would give the WHO power over member nations’ sovereignty. Thankfully African nations weren’t falling for it and the changes have now gone to a select committee. Maybe African nations aren’t fooled by a monkeypox outbreak?

2. The stated purposes of the war games exercise and the IHR changes were remarkably aligned.

On the surface , these outcomes may sound good but they would give enormous power to un-elected bodies. The aims were:

  • the establishment of a global biosecurity body to reduce the risks of consequences due to accidents, misuse or abuse of biotechnology
  • the establishment of a Joint Assessment Mechanism to investigate outbreaks of unknown origin; this would strengthen both the WHO and the United Nations
  • advocacy of a financing mechanism for global health security and pandemic preparedness (we read more financing for anti-virals and vaccines for big pharma).

3. An engineered virus, just like the war game?

A report from Portugal on 23rd of May points to a laboratory origin for the current monkeypox outbreak. Dr Malone summarizes the points:

  • It looks like the monkeypox outbreak comes from a single source, either:
    • a natural single jump event from an infected animal to a human
    • an intentional release of a specific viral strain.
  • The monkeypox outbreaks maps to the West African clade of monkeypox viruses which results in a less severe disease than the Congolese clade.
  • The single source could have come from West Africa, UK, Israel or Singapore.
  • The viral sequencing is significantly different from the viral sequencing of a Nigerian virus that in 2018-2019 was exported to the UK, Israel and Singapore. This could be due to:
    • a natural event, in which case the virus is mutating more rapidly than expected
    • laboratory engineering.
  • It is possible that an innate immune system enzyme, APOBEC3  has caused an evolutionary jump (changing C – U in the viral DNA sequence) that has led to a hyper-mutated virus.
  • Pox viruses are usually resistant to the effects of APOBEC3. This fact suggests that the current outbreak is due to a laboratory manipulated strain.
  • The virus appears to be mutating fast (unusual for a double stranded DNA virus) to a form that is more readily transmitted between humans.

The authors of this paper also noticed inconsistencies in the genome of the virus in the current monkeypox outbreak, suggesting that it has been engineered in a laboratory.

Dr Malone concludes:

The preponderance of current evidence is pointing towards a hypothesis for the origin of this outbreak which is increasingly consistent with prior “war game” scenario planning, remarkably akin to that which occurred during Event 201, which posits emergence of an engineered monkeypox virus into the human population during mid-May 2022.

monkeypox is beginning to look a lot like Covid-19, in which gain-of-function of the Sars-CoV-2 virus is still a valid hypothesis, and in which a Psyop was deliberately unleashed on the population to make them fearful and compliant, willing to take a dangerous vaccine, and to submit to intrusive surveillance that would not otherwise have been acceptable. We would love to be proven wrong but we cannot unsee what we have seen.  Are we going to be willing to accept even more restrictions and intrusions into our privacy or will we say NEVER AGAIN?

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