Covid-19 Restrictions

Covid-19 Restrictions: Rejecting the New Normal

Another government-approved article in Stuff implies that the Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted too quickly. We disagree.

Yet another ‘expert’ has been brought out to share his dystopian vision for our future.  Professor Peter Davis finds there is confusion in the government’s policies and is worried restrictions are being lifted too quickly and that we might need some ongoing protections for our own safety.  A bus journey provokes disquiet.

Confusing Covid-19 Restrictions

We agree people are confused by the government’s decisions and announcements. However, we know that deliberately providing irrational, nonsensical, illogical and ever-changing advice is part of the agenda.  It keeps people scared and obedient.  Just how the government wants us.  Read ‘A State of Fear’ by Laura Dodsworth if you want to understand how we have been manipulated by fear.

We also agree that most people find it easier (and much more pleasant) to go about their lives without the dehumanising and coercive measures (masks, QR codes, social distancing and vaccine passports) that were imposed on them.  These intrusions should now be filed away NEVER to resurface, even though we suspect there are new variants and ‘pandemics’ waiting in the wings to be used as excuses to bring them all (and likely more) back.

We know that masks have a role to play, but not in protecting us from viral infections.  Masks play a role in perpetuating fear, encouraging isolation and keeping us from sharing our humanity via smiles and facial expressions.

Has the virus really made a resurgence when Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted or are spurious numbers being fed to us daily – such as all those ‘with Covid’ deaths and asymptomatic ‘cases’ (which are just positive RAT or PCR tests, not sick people)?

We don’t agree that the country needs ongoing or further restrictions.  We don’t need a new policy or a new normal.  We think the citizens of NZ are intelligent and are capable of assessing risk and benefit (when given the full information) and acting accordingly.

Interestingly, there has been debate about institutional policy allowed at Auckland University.  Debate and discussion in other areas of policy affecting all New Zealanders have been censored and shut down. 

Imagine a resurgence of robust conversation!

If it makes you scared to hop on a bus with an unmasked driver then don’t do it.  Use a different mode of transport instead, rather than expecting everyone to pander to your fears.

It’s not possible to know from looking at a person why they might have a mask exemption.  Maybe they were locked in a cupboard as a child or had a hand clamped over their mouth to keep them quiet, maybe they have suffered a near-drowning, have experienced suffocation or have one of the many other reasons why wearing something that inhibits breathing could terrify someone.  It’s better not to judge a book by its cover.

Maybe the bus driver has had Covid and has natural immunity that he trusts.  Maybe he knows he can’t pass on something he doesn’t have.  Why should he divulge his personal medical information?  Are we all supposed to feel comfortable revealing our private medical information to a stranger on a public bus in this ‘new normal’?

Professor Davis suggests we should come to see Covid-19 restrictions as ‘enablers’. That truly sounds like a phrase out of 1984.

Time to resurrect (un)common sense and personal responsibility!

As NZDSOS repeatedly states, our bodies developed an immune system to stay healthy despite exposure to viruses (novel or not), snake venom and all forms of toxins. The best things you can do to prevent illness from SARS-CoV-2 is to stay healthy. This comes with a myriad of side-benefits.

Masks do not work and may cause significant harms. Remember when wearing a mask, unless this is made from organic cotton or linen, you are breathing in micro-plastics, adding to the toxic burden your body has to resist.

We urge you to be courageous and leave your mask at home. If you feel better with backup, have your mask exemption ready or wear it around your neck. Look your fellow humans in the eyes and smile – it is good for your immune system and theirs.

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