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BSA Egregiously Upholds Nikki Turner’s Barrage of Half-Truths

How much evidence do they need? It seems only that of their hand-picked experts such as Dr Nikki Turner, while ignoring all else. Is this the New Zealand we want to see?

In considering our complaint about a Seven Sharp production on the contents of the Pfizer Comirnaty injection, the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA), decided that it was reasonable to rely solely on Dr Turner as an “authoritative source”. This is the same Dr Turner that we had raised concerns about in our compliant. The BSA goes on to refer to itself in a previous ruling about the same production, stating that the Television New Zealand piece had met the “Standard for Accuracy”.

The BSA states that it was reasonable for Television New Zealand to rely on Dr Turner’s expertise, noting that her expertise was also supported by “medical consensus”. The BSA did not deem it concerning that their expert was not experienced in mRNA injections and they blindly refer to government and non-governmental organisations as medical consensus. These include the Ministry of Health, Medsafe and World Health Organisation. The BSA does not even consider that these organisations may be compromised or may have got things wrong.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority then goes on to state that safety for the public in the application of any medication, should include a risk-benefit analysis. However, this was not mentioned by Dr Turner. She did state “it’s really, really more important for pregnant people to have this vaccine”, without even batting an eyelid at what the harms to the mother or unborn child might be.

The mainstream media, now largely funded by the New Zealand Government, have an obligation to follow certain standards. These are determined by the BSA which is part of the New Zealand Government under the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. While the BSA state that they are independent of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, we can’t but help to question whether all roads lead to Rome, or in this case, Ardern.

The BSA did not even question whether Television New Zealand should have sought the opinion of a different “expert”. Instead they keep referring to themselves, their overlords including the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, cherry-picked publications and their hand-picked expert, Dr Turner. It should be noted that none of the board members of the BSA have any medical background. How could they even hope to make a decision without at least engaging an independent expert to review the production?

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The values of the Broadcasting Standards Authority are supposed to guide their decisions. These include being independent and free from influence, acting with integrity in an honest and transparent manner, embracing diversity and respecting different perspectives, working collaboratively with stakeholders in an open, accessible and respectful manner, earning respect through ethical, credible and principled action and being dynamic in the face of change.

We find ourselves in a new Zealand that we do not recognise. We see New Zealanders, instead of respecting others, denigrating those with a different perspective, choosing only to follow “experts” that are part of the government’s narrative; New Zealanders ignoring independent voices that are acting in difficult and dynamically changing environments, asking in vain to collaborate with the government, its experts and its stakeholders, all at their own expense. We include the BSA in the New Zealanders that we no longer recognise. Their values are only words used to keep their funding streams going and to placate a public whose only sense of worth comes from the “othering” of the diversity that make us human.

There is Only One Thing to Do

Turn your TVs off.

New Zealanders, let’s take our country back.

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