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Correction of PDF in Response to Medsafe

Dear Mr. Boshier

We have just noticed a line missing in the recently sent PDF file “Rebuttal to Prof. P. McIntyre and Dr. Ian Town response to NZDSOS concerning Pfizer Comirnaty”. The last paragraph on the first page of the document should read as follows:

“There are several reasons that this article is unsuitable for comparing the fatality of COVID-19 from influenza. This article does not address the issue of the infection fatality ratio for individuals at a population level of exposure to the virus. The comparison of age fatality does not compensate for the poorer metabolic profile of the covid-19 patients who have twice the prevalence of overweight and obesity than the influenza group. In addition, a study over the same period showed that early ventilation in French patients, a policy in some centres at the time, resulted in a 74% increase in mortality for those who were ventilated early compared to those ventilated at higher levels of lung dysfunction. 2 This finding was similar to that demonstrated in the UK 3 and was also confirmed in interviews with North American intensivists. 4 It is, therefore, now clear that at least some of the high mortality observed early in the COVID-19 crisis was due to over treatment, rather than the virus itself. The authors make no mention of this in their response.”

We will also upload the corrected PDF file onto our website here:

Kind regards,


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