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Human Rights Commission
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The Human Rights Commission (HRC) replied to our correspondence with a word salad of meaningless rationalisations for its failure to actually address any of our concerns.

Read: Response from the Human Rights Commission

16 December 2021

Kia ora Dr Jacques Imbeau

Thank you for the additional letter to the Chief Commissioner Paul Hunt.

My sincere apologies for the delay in our response due to an overwhelming number of letters regarding COVID-19 during this time. 

As mentioned in our correspondence to you on 20 August 2021, being open and transparent, and involving those affected in decision-making, is key to ensuring people participate in measures designed to protect their own health and that of the wider population. Vaccination programmes should be developed on the human rights principles of equality and non-discrimination, which guarantee access, availability and accessibility of resources without any distinction due to economic situation, ethnicity, gender or any other human or social conditions. COVID-19 vaccine is voluntary and vaccines may not be forcibly administered.

At this time we will not be amending the information provided on the Human Rights Commission website. However, the Human Rights Commission performs all its functions as described in Section 5 of the Human Rights Act 1993. We have been in regular contact with the Minister in charge of COVID-19 Response as well as other Government officials and duty-bearers. We will continue to monitor all COVID-19 Response matters closely and engage with the Government and other bodies as needed. This work is ongoing.

If individuals have concerns about the medical treatment they have received as part of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, they should submit a complaint to the Health and Disability Commissioner https://www.hdc.org.nz/making-a-complaint/make-a-complaint-to-hdc/. If any individuals have concerns that they have been discriminated against as a result of their views about the vaccine for religious or ethical reasons, they are encouraged to make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission https://www.hrc.co.nz/enquiries-and-complaints/how-make-complaint/.

Ngā mihi


For the Chief Commissioner’s Office

Human Rights Commission

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