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To: Human Rights Commissioner

We reply to the Human Rights Commissioner (HRC) after his office replied to our initial complaint. We also copied the Chief Ombudsman into our letter.

We strongly stating our concerns about the government and regulators and their rollout of the Covid vaccines and that a breach of human rights may have been committed. We reiterate the importance of transparency and fully informed consent while pointing out the the government and Medsafe have, in our opinion been less than transparent and indeed, withholding information about the novel gene therapy. This information includes the unprecedented level of adverse effects, including death. Furthermore we advise the Commissioner that we have provided information to the government that they had not acknowledged.

We go on to advised that the NZ Government was withholding scientific information in regards to covid-19 having a very low infection fatality rate, similar to that of seasonal influenza.

We requested that the HRC update its website, providing the above information and to ensure for full transparency; advise of steps taken to hold the government to account adn how true informed consent will be provided to the people of New Zealand.

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