Watch: Dr Garcia Discusses the Sad State of Covid 19 Facts

Covid 19 Facts
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During the protests at Parliament, NZDSOS member Dr Manny Garcia discussed Covid 19 facts, fallacies and the questionable response by the authorities.

Covid 19 Facts Discussed with Manaaki Media

Dr Garcia discusses how the unifying themes of bodily autonomy and freedom brought him to the parliament. He discusses his skepticism about the the Covid 19 facts from the start of the “pandemic”. In particular when early treatment was ignored and suppressed despite being in the middle of a so-called deadly disease outbreak.

He touches on the “final solution” of the vaccines and the speed at which they were developed and the manipulation of cases and deaths that were used as propaganda to instill fear. He questions whether a leader in a dangerous situation such as this would wish to encourage hope in the population, rather than propagate fear.

Dr Garcia states how from the beginning he warned that Covid elimination was not possible and that our ancient natural immunity. Furthermore, there was no good science about the beneficial effects of masks, social distancing, locking down. He raises concerns about his former colleagues that just bought the narrative and that those doctors who did raise questions were vilified and suspended.

The health system, in particular mental health was already stretched. However doctors including psychiatrists, were not allowed to work when the country needed them most.

With masking and social distancing people were given the message that they were sub-human and the others were a danger, while at the same time furthering the degradation of the fundamental freedoms of citizens.

Masking, instilling constant fear and setting people against each other will have long term negative effects, especially on children. This is a war against humanity, the human soul and everything we hold valuable. We need to fight against the evil of digital slavery and total surveillance.

Dr Garcia suggests an open debate, as would happen in a free society about Covid 19 facts. What are they afraid of? When we as citizens chose to do the right thing, truth will prevail.

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