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Watch: C-19 Childhood Vaccine Injury Solutions

Dr Michelle Perro was trying to move away from clinical work when she was asked to create a protocol for prevention of Covid-19 vaccine injury in children. Her initial response, knowing the contraindications for using these products in children, was “no way”. She ultimately acquiesced because, working in an affluent area of California with a highly vaccinated population, when the rollout for children began she almost immediately started treating vaccine injury.

A Yale and Bellevue trained paediatrician, homeopath, integrative physician and environmental health activist, Dr Perro has been practising for over 40 years. During her interview with Dr Joseph Mercola on 22 May 2022, the evolution of her medical expertise is described with a positive energy shared by Dr Mercola, that belies the preventable childhood suffering they discuss. This is best explained by their combined wealth of knowledge around healing solutions including their shared philosophy of “food as medicine”.

They discuss the reasons for the minimal impact that the SARS-CoV-II virus has on children, the array of vaccine injury being seen, the different bodily systems affected, and components within the Covid-19 vaccines responsible for the harm caused. Their shared experiences with a wealth of recommended therapies make for an enlightening and encouraging lesson in integrative medicine and positive outcomes observed in those with vaccine injury.

Dr Perro also describes her observations during four decades of practice, of the evolving epidemic of chronic illness in American children, commencing with the significant uptick in autism but including concerning rises in many other conditions. She has extensively researched possible causes and discusses evidence for toxicants including GMO foods, Glyphosate in pesticides, and constituents within childhood vaccines. Her interests and experience coincide with her colleague, MIT senior research scientist Dr Stephanie Seneff who discussed her research on Glyphosate harms and the connection with mRNA Covid products with Del Bigtree last month.

Dr Perro shares a range of knowledge and resources at her own website and in the online health science publication, GMOScience. In November 2021 she published a Children’s Environmental Health Bill of Rights. She is currently collaborating with Dr Seneff and Dr AndrĂ© Leu to establish a new non-profit, Regeneration Health, as the health arm of Regeneration International.

Watch: How to Prevent and Treat Covid Vaccine Injury

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