Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, A Change of Mind and an Acute Absence

Safe and Effective
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A Second Opinion

Released on Tuesday, Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion is a powerful new documentary by renowned ‘establishment’ media professionals from the UK. It is a frank and honest appraisal of the vaccine deception visited on a frightened and gullible British public. To us, it is the visual equivalent of Steve Kirsch’s powerful summary of evidence on his substack blog.

Showcasing an epic scandal, the film shines a light on a number of vaccine injured and grieving who tell their stories. An increasing number of alarmed medical doctors and scientists are joining our call for the harms caused by these products to be investigated. The details of scientific fraud and state-corporate collusions leading to this crisis are being revealed from multiple sources. As is the cover-up that the UK government are engaging in, analogous to that of the New Zealand government who ignore and dismiss pleas to respond to the unfolding tragedy and continue to promote their “safe and effective” propaganda.

A Change of Mind

Commentary from high-profile British cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra is threaded throughout the film. He is blazing a trail for doctors to be able to admit they were mistaken in their initial enthusiasm for, and uncritical acceptance of, public health declarations around safety and effectiveness. 

Having initially supported and promoted the “vaccines”, Dr Malhotra is now calling for the program to be halted. He spoke of the reasons for his change of mind in A Second Opinion, and also in this 10 minute interview released the same day.

… the current system is encouraging good people to do bad things. At the root of this problem are big, very powerful corporations that have too much influence on government. On health care. On media. And their primary responsibility is to produce profit for their shareholders. Not to give you the best treatment … unfortunately, in the way that they go about their business, by misleading people, by their business model being fraud, they act like psychopaths. They are a psychopathic entity.

An Acute Absence

Documentary producer Mark Sharman spoke to GB News host Mark Steyn about challenging the mainstream “safe and effective” narrative as the documentary was released. He suggests that principles of journalism such as objectivity, fairness and balance are absent in today’s mainstream media, in part due to restrictions in place via their (likely also captured) national communications regulator, Ofcom and of course, the BBC-led and Gates-funded Trusted News Initiative.

Proper debate is not taking place and balanced science is not being considered. The BBC have even boasted of succeeding in removing a Facebook group of 250,000 vaccine victims and grieving family members. The World Council for Health press conference announcing Dr Malhotra’s call to halt the Covid-19 inoculations (available here) was only attended by independent media, without a single mainstream outlet represented except GB News.

We must continue to demand that, along with responsible authorities and corporations, the media be held to account for the role they play in this inhumane atrocity. We can all be grateful for burgeoning independent and ethical media alternatives, who deserve our support.

Watch: Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

The documentary is available at Oracle Films, Rumble, Brand New Tube and Odysee. Alternatively watch it below. Please share it far and wide. Those who still believe that what is happening to society is “safe and effective” deserve to know that there is another – valid – perspective.

What Can We Do About It?

NZDSOS continue to call for doctors to join us, for health care professionals to share their experiences at The Truth Project, and for the general public to broach the issue with their doctor. The power to end this crisis lies with each and every one of us.

Safe and effective
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