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Open Letter to Medical Profession

Dear Medical Profession Colleagues

Thank you for the time spent reading this highly important communication regarding vulnerabilities for our patients and ourselves. We hope to convince you why this is and what we can do. If this is hand delivered, a  very similar letter is available on our website with all the links.

In short, medicine has been taken over by a destructive State; some children and young people, especially, are dying following their injections which have not delivered on their promise; and as the truth emerges this will all end in recrimination, massive loss of trust and litigation against us if we don’t act together to stop all this. 

We are well over over a hundred doctors, supported also by medical scientists and other practitioners, who have worked tirelessly at and in public to counter the “government science” advanced to justify it’s lockdowns, masks and forced vaccination policy. For obvious reasons our exact names and numbers are kept private now since the Medical Council has almost tapped out from efforts to persecute the ones it does know about, and now seems to have called in overseas help, as we shall see later.

It has become obvious Comirnaty has failed as a vaccine. The promise of individual and herd immunity has not materialised. Here’s a recent Immunology 202 take from an expert who has been proven right all the way along on emerging variants, likely produced by the vaccine. A slightly different take on some aspects here. (Read these whilst you can; we are on the eve of much more aggressive censorship). Instead the fully ‘vaccinated’ and boosted are becoming infected and re-infected at similar or even increased rates compared to the unvaccinated.  The evidence showing Comirnaty reduces Covid-19 severity and hospitalisations is looking like the result of categorisation errors. , seemingly deliberate. Please read our posts on Deaths Following Injections, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Monkey Pox ( here we go again? ) and open letters to all relevant bodies including Medsafe, HDC, Police, MPs, Chief Coroner – all seeming to be victims of a pandemic of regulatory capture.

The CDC has acknowledged some serious adverse events. So have the parents of dead children in New Zealand. Some of us are caring for the bereaved. An Australian group of medical professionals has gathered a list of 1000 peer-reviewed papers questioning Covid-19 vaccine safety. All the important landmark papers are here in amongst many case reports.

Sorry, but the more you vaccinate, the worse it gets; commentary on this very important study ignored by the usual talking heads is here.  Peter Doshi, a BMJ editor, and epidemiology giant Sandler Greenland prove the excess risk of AESIs (adverse events of special interest) is greater than the reduction in COVID-19 hospitalisationsThe package insert which comes with Comirnaty states, “data …. are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy”. It also states that “it has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of male fertility. ” We say there is now serious evidence for all the foregoing.

The doctors group Canadian Covid Care Alliance eviscerates Pfizer’s original randomised controlled trial (RCT), labelling the ‘vaccine’ a toxic agent. It does cause strokes, MIs, clots, bleeding, cardiac inflammation and sudden death.  Dramatically excess all-cause deaths are being reported in the heaviest vaccinated countries. 1,  2,  3,  4,  5.  And all we hear from our politicians, the MSM and ‘experts’ is that the vaccine is “safe and effective, safe and effective, get your booster” , like some demented parrot. 

Talking of Canadian doctors, a cluster of 14 have died recently, 4 in one hospital over 2 weeks, mostly young and healthy as the 2nd booster is rolled out. There are several NZ doctors on the Citizen’s Database here (along with 2 dead dentists, nurses, teachers, farmers),  and a young female GP  had a stroke (one amongst very many) early during the rollout of first dose to health workers. Of course many other mandated sectors have also suffered deaths and injuries following vaccination, but doctors stick out as usually health-literate with temperate lifestyles and tend not to drop dead at a young age.

Nor do children, and a sports mad 12 year old girl has just been added to another cluster of suddenly dead kids in the last fortnight – two 14 year old boys at opposite ends of the country and a 12 year old boy. We can’t recommend scientist Dr Guy Hatchard’s work enough, and his latest  on these deaths here is a salient and reflective warning.

Many of you are caring for the bereaved of these hundreds of younger people mysteriously and suddenly dead. On our profession’s behalf we have been collecting and sending these details to Medsafe and Police – again and again – in hope that proper investigations can rule the injection in or out, remembering that Dr. Bloomfield told us at the start that every single vaccinated person would be followed up. Surely they should investigate the dead ones at least? 

Serious adverse events possibly caused by Comirnaty are too often obfuscated, denied and/or brushed aside, not investigated or taken seriously by doctors and others. See our truth project for some examples. The stories of Maddie De Garay  at 31.40 minutes and Brianne Dressen at 38 minutes, both in vaccine trials, demonstrate this.  The only safety checks on this world wide ‘vaccine’ roll out, with a few exceptions,  are passive, laggy, voluntary reporting systems such as VAERS and our own CARM. Scroll down to the two graphs on this page and notice the massive spike of serious adverse events. It’s striking. Why don’t we have any active monitoring, as Dr Petoussis -Harris advised before the rollouts started? 

Here an informed layman lets the FDA commission know what he thinks, in an impressive 3 minute take down.  A doctor pours scorn on the FDA’s unbelievable authorisation of the mRNA vaccine for our smallest kids.   This evolutionary biologist’s concerns need to be heeded and responded to. This 20-minute senate hearing is a must watch as is this one which comes in three parts. Dr Fauci talks about some vaccines having to be withdrawn because of unexpected harms. A jabbed tech entrepreneur points out the bleeding obvious. 

Is it okay to ignore all of the above and attempt to inject the entire planet with a product that has no long term safety data? Do you really think it is safe and effective for everyone, kids, infants, pregnant women?  Is it now OK to take Medsafe out of the loop altogether as was done for the 4th booster, by yet another “tweak’ to the Medicines Act? This precedent now sees the monkey pox vaccine rushed in, at the bidding of the frankly hysterical Burnett Foundation, the newly repurposed Aids Foundation of old. Let’s forget thalidomide, Vioxx, DES shall we? It’s so safe, it’s okay to twist the truth, exaggerate benefit, minimise harm, coerce and force people to comply and pretend the requirements of informed consent are being met? It’s okay to mandate folk out of their jobs, split families and friends? It’s okay to deny with unspeakable cruelty those deserving of an exemption? And you want to stand and maybe watch it all again?

Has the medical profession gone stark raving mad? Have we not learned any medical law, about the absolutes in the Nuremburg Code and the Geneva Convention (which applies in peacetime too, both to civilians  and enemy prisoners), our NZ Bill of Rights and HDC code etc.? Just because all our institutions are ignoring these right now does NOT protect us from future prosecution. Are there any actual lawyers at our medical indemnity providers? 

Our PM’s appeal for kindness rapidly evaporated, to be replaced with denial, distortion, coldness and cruelty. Informed consent was replaced with the mantra of safe and effective and we were expected to get in behind the One Source of Truth. Obedience and compliance were required. Our captured Medical Council willingly stepped up to be a politicised hit man, now revealed to be run by a shadowy U.S. private group called the Federation of State Medical Boards. It is openly advising the world’s medical authorities how to suppress dissenting doctors. Is this OK, on our watch? MCNZ has stated it does not need science to back its position or to refute contradicting evidence, and our human rights to free speech are not its concern. It never elevated our questions above those of “crazy antivaxers spoiling for a fight”. We authors have vaccinated our entire careers.

Does our Council seem to represent the best interests of us and our patients, or has it overseen a stake driven through the heart of ethical medicine: the doctor-patient relationship, unique and precious. Can the State really match the duty of care that generations of doctors have recognised? Free speech has been censored, bodily autonomy denied and violated. Oppression rather than freedom to advise became the name of the game, and our profession has mostly remained muzzled throughout, a victim of the biggest sticks and carrots we have ever seen.

General practice could have nailed this sucker virus and “protected the hospitals” based on very strong evidence of substantial mortality reduction with early community treatment, even of just higher risk patients. Many meds and nutrients have shown substantial efficacy, not just IVM  – budesonide, fluvoxamine, HCQ, quercetin, Vitamin D. Instead the GP College sheepdogs relegated us to “heroic” swabbers and vaccinators. Dr Betty issued not-so veiled threats if doctors ruined the rationale, and sole legal basis, for the experimantal jab. EBM says people have died from this stance. And, remember the  appalling trial in babies that Pfizer’s point man expects us to hold our nose and swallow? However, Pfizer’s liability cover evaporates once fraud is proven.

Now there is an epidemic of – well, everything. Long covid was never reliably proved a “thing” before the vaccine rollout, and now all these boosted people just can’t get better from severe winter ills. We’ve all worked together through multiple viral seasons, but this one takes the biscuit. What has changed?

We could be heading into a dreadful catastrophe, if we don’t wake up, show courage and bring an end to this madness. Our profession stands on a precipice. The so-called unanimity of experts won’t save us; only the truth will, if it doesn’t destroy us first. Many of you are facing a 2nd booster, but MOH hints it might drop our mandates in a few weeks. How will you feel if you just took the next shot (in the dark)? If just 10% of us stand up and squawk, this could all be over in a fortnight.  Please take a dose of humility, gird your loins, admit error and prepare to fight for the scientific method, open debate, informed consent, an end to coercion and the lies. Sorry, but consider this a Notice of Liability too. Our patients need support and protection, not our complicity. Please, join us.

Join NZDSOS’ Truth Project

The medical profession and nursing / allied health are invited to disclose what they are seeing since the rollout of the injections, to The Truth Project.

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