Uninformed consent

Watch: Uninformed Consent

Uninformed Consent is a recent feature film documentary produced out of Canada exploring the impact of Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Threaded throughout is the story of a grieving husband who lost his wife due to an employer-imposed vaccine mandate, which led to the loss of her job and ultimately the loss of her life. His torment and determination are articulated with intensity.

Pandemic heroes and villains alike are given air time as multiple elements of the pandemic response are scrutinised, including:

  • the bizarre idea that everyone on planet earth needs to be inoculated multiple times with an experimental substance;
  • the abandonment of the Hippocratic Oath by so many, and why this has occurred (an issue which NZDSOS broach frequently with our colleagues, most recently here);
  • concerns about the pharmaceutical industry, their lawless culture and capture of the agencies designated to regulate them and media designated to inform the public;
  • the control of information and silencing of experts diverging from the script;
  • the suppression of early treatments; why and how this manifested;
  • the history and importance of informed consent and why coercion and vaccine mandates deviate from this basic public health principle;
  • the harms being experienced following inoculation with toxic pharmaceutical products;
  • the powerful, corrupted individuals, organisations and networks behind these events, and the collusions between private entities and western governments.

Watch: Uninformed Consent

This is a stirring documentary providing insights and explanations which are not yet widely exposed.

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