We Are Not Happy With SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

NZDSOS discusses SADS, the latest psyop.

As we sat around in our NZDSOS cyberspace office sharing virtual tea and biscuits (some us have never met each other ‘in the raw’), someone piped up about the latest legacy media nonsense attempting to further hide the increasingly obese elephant in the room, that of rising all-cause mortality (ACM), aka deaths, in the ‘vaccinated’. (As you know, we say that calling it a vaccine is a lie).

We have already been told that perhaps ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’ is doing us in; that over-breathing, global warming and perhaps even making the bed are suddenly killing us; and that elite athletes really do just drop dead while doing their thing. We wonder if we’ll all have to stop bonking next.

Wisely, many people see these for what they are – laughably stupid attempts to exonerate an untested, mass-coerced novel gene therapy – and for which, actually, immediate evidence of major problems were known to Pfizer and many regulatory authorities, (including here down under), but covered up. They are monkeying around to hide the cause of post vaccine blistering eruptions like shingles, and to sweep us up in their next contact trace games. So, now the man behind the curtain has coined SADS, referring to “sudden adult death syndrome”. We came up with a few alternate meanings ourselves, some unsuitable here, but settled with:

SADS: Say Anything, Deny Stabicide

Here is the local propaganda, but there is clearly a lockstep international campaign to further this idea that “young people do die of strokes and heart attacks too, you know”, to try to distract from the cause-that-shall-not-be-named.

The article attempts to blame genetic rarities for sudden deaths in younger people. The detail of the article is less important than it’s predictive programming. It attempts to plant seeds, conditioning expectations so people aren’t later surprised or questioning. Its stories of young people ‘taken too soon’ are of course tragic, but if later on this happens in the social circle of a reader, they’ll have been softened up, prepared, and able to trot out SADS as their rationalisation for the sadness.

A Quick Diversion from SADS and Cause of Death to Shenanigins After Death

We’ll return to this real and sad phenomenon shortly, of younger people suddenly dying, but in an interesting timing intersect…

…we’ve only just digested this “op ed” from a US pathologist now living here in NZ who bemoans the extensive damage she says she is seeing in subjects who have died of covid (of? from? with? under? despite?).

We do not make light of any actual deaths from covid – mostly in the jabbed now of course – but the very obvious pandemic of injury and deaths from the vaccine, and the heroic attempts to ignore and deny, do make us skeptical about those who beat-up the severity of the engineered virus. 

It is unfortunate her opinion piece does not mention the dead’s vaccine status, and she does not know, or perhaps care to know, the  post mortem study in the journal Nature that showed “surprisingly” worse lung pathology and higher viral loads (and by definition worse blood vessel clotting and inflammation) in the injected people who died from covid. 

Meanwhile, back in SADS land

There are indeed some rare cases of sudden unexpected deaths in younger people, usually caused by inherited vulnerabilities in the heart’s electrical conducting system. These are extremely uncommon, certainly compared to the around 30% of all deaths in ‘developed economies’ caused by cardiovascular disease, from obesity, metabolic syndrome and smoking. 

Of course many of these millions of  “lifestyle deaths” annually will be sudden, especially in smokers in whom the first sign of encroaching heart disease is most often sudden death. So that is a lot of younger people, who will have had relatives die suddenly, that the NZ Herald would send off to line the cardiologists’ pockets for checkups. But our post-vaccine deaths database has several people who had a satisfactory heart check before their injection, then promptly died afterwards.  

The above mainstream media article, and many others appearing round the world, seeks to blame the shocking rise in the all-cause mortality of vaccinated younger people on rarities in their families, rather than the stark staring, madly obvious probability that their covid-19 shots are causing all this. 

This article at Natural News covers this all well. The author, Mike Adams, is a credentialed and successful scientist as well as the creator of the independent media-sharing platform Warning: he doesn’t pull his punches. And nor should we; these are our young that may be being sacriPfized. 

We have written and hosted already on insurance companies reporting literally stunning rises in death rates (40+%) amongst working age injected adults (generally considered as ages 20-60), but the CDC in the US has even reported an over 80% rise in the 25-44 age group, post vaccine. Talk about plain sight. This rise is astronomical. Even the Vietnam war only caused a small blip (less than 10%) in ACM amongst their soldier demographic. 

In normal times, standardised mortality rates (where deaths are stratified by age or other factors you can choose to look at) are very consistent year-on-year. To be clear, ACM did not start rising in 2020, the year of the first and second waves covid, but only after (and often immediately after) the vaccine rollout started. Certainly in 2021 it became almost comical to see country after country reporting huge covid surges exactly following their vaccine programs – e.g. India, Fiji, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand. 

How They Manufacture the “Effective” Half of the Narrative

Finally, an OIA request by Swedish doctors and journalists has uncovered exactly how and why the ‘rock star’ professional puppets like Baker, Jackson et al have been telling us (and believe, presumably) that the unjabbed are 10x more likely to die of covid. The Swedish Public Health Agency has been deliberately miscategorising the vaccinated as unvaccinated until several weeks after their 2nd jab! This is a near perfect way of hiding post-injection deaths, and covid-19 deaths that are more likely in the week following first and second jabs due to known immune suppression.  If one compares injected with uninjected, a polar opposite picture emerges. The jabbed walk away with a 3-4 x increased risk of covid death. 

Debate could potentially be valid with regards to waiting post vaccine to count efficacy, but when it comes to safety, someone should be considered ‘vaccinated’ as soon as the needle has gone into their arm.

This has already been shown dramatically with German data. Professor Norman Fenton in the UK used mathematics, of all things, to show the same deliberate mischaractersing by their Office of National Statistics data that appears to flatter the injections. There is a more recent take on ONS obfuscation from the excellent blog of  stats wunderkind Matthew Crawford.

By the way, Prof Fenton gave a very powerful affidavit in support of our recent joint court challenge against the mandates with the teachers here in NZ. The judge appeared to give some of our science evidence a look and some very short shrift, including from the Professor, and still somehow managed to conclude the injections are safe. 

Don’t Get SADS, Get Angry

SADS: Speak Against Democidal Stalinists

People who wake up to the trickery used on their decision-making should be outraged and act accordingly. The rest of us can console ourselves, at least, that we were right not to trust the bastards. 

So, don’t shoot the messenger, and please support our work. Remember, we have been trying to warn everyone about what is going on: and treating many jab-injured in our clinic; and, finally, speaking out for those that are no longer here to have a voice at all, of all ages. 

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