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Watch: Australian Doctors Finally Speak Out About the Harms of the Covid-19 Response

Maria Zeee, from Zeee Media, talked to Australian Doctors in A Conference of Conscience series. Our Australian colleagues may have been less outspoken in the past two years, but they have come out fighting and they did not equivocate.

In speaking out the Australian doctors reminded us of values that we at NZDSOS hold close. Their words encouraged us to keep up the fight for our objectives. Here are some of the gems of the conversation. Scroll down to watch both sessions.

On General Health

  • Health does not come at the tip of a hypodermic needle

On the Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • Patients need to feel confident that their doctors are providing them all the information they need for fully informed consent. Instead, doctors are now the lackeys of the government

On Covid

  • Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are extremely effective for early treatment; these medications had to be banned to allow the emergency necessary for the provisional approval of the “vaccine”
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc are the most important, powerful nutrients that would protect the vulnerable
  • Evidence for high dose intravenous Vitamin C in ICU is overwhelming
  • Covid is now a disease of the vaccinated; the vaccinated have 3-4 times more chance of contracting covid if they are triple vaxxed compared to those not vaxed; the vaccinated have a 2-3 times higher chance of dying than the unvaxxed
  • Covid is being converted from a disease of the old and frail to a disease of the younger people by the vaccine
  • This is a man-made pandemic
    • the virus was man-made
    • the driver for health policy, the PCR is not diagnostic for disease
    • early treatment was denied

On the Harms of the “Vaccine”

  • This is the first time we have asked the body to make a foreign protein
  • The injection has not needed to undergo cancer trials as it is classified as a biologic not a “vaccine”
  • When considering the vaccine, ask: Is it necessary, is it safe, is it effective and are there alternatives?
  • This is not vaccine which encourages the immune system to do its own job well, rather the mRNA injections teaches the cell to produce the antigens
  • It is ludicrous to suggest that they [the pharmaceutical industry] would improve on an immune system that has been supporting humans for millions of years
  • Cellular immunity ( T-cells) is reduced after each jab resulting in more shingles, long covid after the vaccine, more cancers coming out of remission
  • They are forcing a bioweapon into the arms of the population
  • Can you force someone to take an intervention that they are more likely to die from than from the disease it is supposed to prevent
  • Why aren’t autopsies mandated on everyone who dies 30-60 days within receipt of the vaccine with special stains for the spike protein
  • Provisional registration means the drugs is experimental; being experimental, informed consent is essential

On the Medical System

  • For many Australian doctors, it has become unconscionable to stay in the system
  • Dearly held profession values of first do no harm, informed consent, medical ethics, the precautionary principle and the Nuremberg code have been destroyed
  • AHPRA (The Australian Health Practitioners Registration Authority) will need to evolve positively or it will become irrelevant
  • Doctors are pawns in the system, doing the bidding of techno-political-industrial powers that control health care
  • There are only a few Australian doctors who are not actors; Australian doctors get given a script, they follow it and they are paid well
  • We need to get corporate influence out of medicine, and out of guidelines; doctors don’t look at the evidence any more, it gets handed to them on a platter
  • The sacrosanct doctor/patient relationship is now under government control
  • Medical debate is suspended
  • Corruption of medical systems, medical schools, research and reporting is present
  • Australian doctors are no longer free to provide best evidence based medical care to patients but only allowed to provide care dictated by corrupt colleagues and bureaucrats
  • Australian doctors under investigation are guilty and have to prove their innocence or make deals with the authorities
  • GPs are now less trusted than pharmacists
  • Profit motivated corporations now control and employ the majority of Australian doctor’s who practice out of sterile highly regulated medical centers
  • AHPRA and AMA (Australian Medical Association) have become politicised and are stopping free speech
  • Science should be open to question
  • Medical indemnifiers are useless and do not have the doctors best interest at heart

On the Government & the Public Health Narrative

  • The mandates have no basis in law, science or common sense and have no basis in humanity
  • Psychological manipulation techniques have been used to induce fear to the extent that the population cannot focus beyond the fear, after which the injection is offered as the saviour
  • The public health narrative is about vaccine fanaticism, it is not good medicine
  • Draconian, inflexible, one-size-fits-all directives are not about health
  • This is not a health campaign, it is a vaccine campaign
  • A society has been created that is risk averse, over-protective, avoidant and precious. This is not about health, this is not about fully embracing life
  • The authorities are desperately trying, but they cannot control compliance in our mind
  • We are in Berlin in 1938: if you don’t get out, you are going to die
  • The government is at war with its people. This is what war looks like: censorship, propaganda, movement restrictions, military in the streets, emergency economy
  • The journals, specialist medical colleges, main stream media exist in a bubble of censorship culture; freedom of speech is gone
  • Covid is just the prop upon which this emergent globalist surveillance state, social credit system, technocracy is built
  • Quoting Dr Russell Blaylock, “For the first time in history medical treatment, protocols are not being formulated based on the experience of the physicians treating the largest number of patients successfully, but rather individuals and bureaucracies that have never treated a single patient—including Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, WHO, state public health officers and hospital administrators.”
  • The WHO is a failed organisation; it has very little to do with real health; it is about drugs and vaccines; it has nothing to do with the health of the globe
  • We are looking at a disaster caused by organisations that have enforced silence on Australian doctors, scientists, journalists, academics and anyone who speaks against narrative
  • Lockdown was not a term doctors knew, it was not learnt in medicine; quarantine is ancient practice used on sick people to protect the vulnerable; lockdown is used in prison situations
  • Suppression of freedom of speech lead to suppression of conscious thought which results in fear
  • The pandemic has unmasked lies corruption and censorship
  • Public health authorities are acting irrationally

On the Future

  • The people have to say no; they stop when enough people say no
  • We have the opportunity to do something positive, to place in policy a better approach to prevention and repurposed medication
  • Diet, exercise, supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal medicines should be part of medical system
  • Do the right thing
  • Australian doctors speaking out are sparking courage in others to speak out; if we step out in unison we can finish this pandemic for good
  • Don’t take a “vote card” from someone wearing a mask

Watch: Australian Doctors Speaking Out

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