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The Unexplained Rise in Sudden Deaths in 2022, Coincidence or Collateral Damage Catastrophe?

As the Pfizer Comirnaty trial continues in New Zealand, we are seeing an unexplained rise in cases of sudden death, many of whom were otherwise fit and healthy which makes this all the more alarming and begs the question, is there is a correlation between vaccination and deaths and the mysterious new condition referred to as SADS sudden adult death syndrome. Emerging global data is suggesting there is a correlation and researchers in the UK have noted an excess in all-cause mortality numbers five months later after the vaccine was administered. What is causing the increase in these unexplained deaths?

New Zealand regulatory authorities appear to be approaching pharmacovigilance backwards by expecting proof beyond reasonable doubt that the vaccine caused or contributed to the death or the new condition. Pharmacovigilance post marketing surveillance of a vaccine calls for detection, investigation and evaluation of EVERY new medical condition or death of a person who has received the vaccine and assumed to be due to the vaccine until proven conclusively otherwise.

According to New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS), in many cases of death or a new medical condition, the vaccine status of the person is not even considered. In fact, even six months after the vaccine rollout commenced New Zealand Coroners did not have access to the immunisation records of the deceased.

NZDSOS has posted numerous articles on Sudden Adults (and child) Death Syndrome (SADS) and while it is acknowledged people do suddenly die, we are now seeing official Ministry of Health data indicating the correlation that the ‘vaccine’ is killing a large number of New Zealanders. This highly unusual phenomenon is far from ‘normal’ and we implore all Kiwis to question why these deaths are occurring and demand answers from the medical establishment for this unacceptable loss of life to a ‘vaccine’ that is purported to be ‘safe and effective.

Thank you to Coronavirus Plushie for the video of Grant Dixon and his analysis of official data.

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