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Open Letter to MP’s – A Heartfelt Entreaty To Answer and Act Now

On August 5th, 2022 NZDSOS penned another open letter to ‘our’ MP’s in the latest valiant attempt to interest the guardians of our ‘democracy’ in the unfolding catastrophe that is the cruel and indifferent mass vaccination program. An entreaty of sorts, the letter implores them to get their heads out of the sand, face the facts and do something for the good of the people or go down in history as the ‘team of 126’ that ushered in the darkest phase of our country’s history since the massacres of early colonisation.

This urgent letter was an appeal from the heart to their heart and mind – or conscience if you like. It was firm but fair in its presentation of the facts, and far more polite in tone than they might deserve, given their deafening silence so far, even as we continue to share the disturbing evidence as in the comprehensive letter by lawyer, Kirsten Murfitt.

There has been no shortage of correspondence from us to ‘our’ MP’s and Medsafe albeit one sided, as they continue to ignore our requests to communicate, or to acknowledge our voice of concern which speaks for the many New Zealanders troubled by the vaccine disaster. Neither halting the viral spread, nor conferring herd immunity, in its wake the vaccine has instead spawned a laundry list of harm, injury, disabling side effects and death.

Our resolve is firm, we will not stop our pursuit of truth and justice until the government, Medsafe and the Police accept it is their duty of care to protect the lives and health of New Zealanders and this means to investigate now, and to honour the lives which have been detrimentally affected by the ‘safe and effective’ vaccines.

Read the Press Release: Open Letter to MP’s – A Heartfelt Entreaty To Answer and Act Now

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