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Watch: Is Covid-19 Childhood Vaccination Needed?

Retired Consultant Paediatrician Dr Ros Jones discussed her concerns regarding the UK childhood vaccination rollout with UK Column Nursing Correspondent Debi Evans on 24 July 2022. Dr Jones works with the UK Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART). She was joined by Dr Christian Buckland, a Psychotherapist and Counsellor collaborating with World Council for Health (WCH). Their concerns parallel with those of NZDSOS.

HART has previously assessed Pfizer’s astonishingly bad childhood vaccination trial for under 5 year-olds presented to, and unanimously approved by, the FDA. Across the globe, those suffering from the range of mild to severe, acute to chronic injuries being experienced by an alarming portion of people following inoculation with the Covid-19 experimental substances are steadfastly ignored by governments. In New Zealand parliament when vague reference has been made to their existence, it has prefaced slurs such as “river of filth“.

With such flagrant and prevalent abdications of duty in mind, extreme concern is raised for the impact we might expect on children and their futures should they face similar levels of medical harm. It appears that a majority of parents share these concerns. Less than 10% of all 5 to 11 year olds in the UK have received a Covid-19 vaccine despite availability to this age group since 1 April 2022. Without vaccination, an estimated 82% of these children had Covid-19 antibodies in March 2022, a rise from 40% in November-December 2021.

The development of childhood immunity via natural infection comes with minimal risk to their health, as shown in the table below. The reasons that children are not at risk for severe Covid-19 disease are explained here. Household exposure to children has been shown to protect adults against infection and hospitalisation. This may be due to infected children carrying such low doses of virus particles, that close contact exposes others to an immune-boosting dose without risk of disease.

Age-specific rate of severe and critical SARS-CoV-2 infections estimated with multi-country seroprevalence studies
BMC Infectious Diseases, March 2022

Consolidating the evidence: children are at very low risk of severe outcomes for Covid-19; infected children are a low transmission risk to others and in fact offer immune protection to contacts; the Covid-19 vaccine trials were poorly structured with many unanswered questions about the research methods used, and are severely lacking in safety and efficacy data to support childhood vaccination; and there is real world evidence of obvious harm resulting in otherwise young and healthy people receiving these vaccines. This clearly supports the position that Covid-19 childhood vaccination is neither indicated, nor safe.

Reassuring the majority of parents who obviously share her (and our) concerns, Dr Jones summarises her view on Covid-19 childhood vaccination as:

I wouldn’t go anywhere near this vaccine

Dr Ros Jones

Watch: COVID-19 Childhood Vaccination Concerns

Dr Ros Jones and Dr Christian Buckland discuss Covid-19 childhood vaccination concerns with Debi Evans at UK Column.

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