Informed Consent and Children: NZDSOS Letters to The Authorities

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For Those Who Have a Voice and Those Who Don’t: The Children

It was 1945 and the world was horrified at the medical experiments that had been carried out by force on citizens.  The Nuremberg code was instituted and has been a guide to medical research, intervention and treatment ever since.

The key here is fully informed consent.  Information about what is known and where there may be gaps in knowledge.

Our group has sent out two letters to the authorities outlining failures in providing fully informed consent to those considering the Covid-19 vaccine.

This letter has been sent to Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister, Chris James and Ashely Bloomfield, Ministry of Health, Morag McDowel, Health and Disability Commissioner, the New Zealand Ombudsman as well as broadcaster Peter Williams and Cam Wallace of MediaWorks.

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