Vaccine Injuries Part 7: Treatment

Vaccine Injuries
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A Treatise for our Health Officials Who Appear to be Either Ignorant or Averting Their Eyes

Treatment of Possible Vaccine Injuries – What Can Be Done to Help

We know many New Zealanders are suffering from damage caused by the Pfizer vaccine.  We also know that the human body and spirit are capable of amazing healing when given the right conditions.  This section will discuss briefly ways to reduce the harm caused and ways to help recovery.  It is recommended that you work with a health professional experienced or interested in working with lifestyle, nutrients and supplements as well as with prescription medications to improve overall health and immune function.

The vaccine contains new technology (synthetic mRNA and lipid nanoparticles).  When this ‘vaccine’ is injected into the body, cells (in the body) are being turned into factories making spike protein.  We do not fully understand the consequences and, as we have not been reassured that there are no contaminants in the vials, there may be other ingredients with the potential to cause harm. 

Because the vaccine mRNA is synthetic and has been altered (see Part 3) it is likely that vaccination is exposing the body to more widespread distribution of spike protein in larger amounts and for a longer period of time than happens with a natural infection.  It seems the spike protein is what is causing many of the symptoms of Covid infection as well as post-vaccination adverse effects. 

The lipid nanoparticles also appear to be highly inflammatory and are likely contributing to inflammation in various organs and tissues in the vaccinated.

Those suffering symptoms following Covid vaccination are reporting to us that they are being ignored or fobbed off by health professionals.  They are being told they are anxious, that all their tests are normal, that nothing is wrong with them, that it’s all in their heads.

If the health professionals have not done any independent reading or research about this vaccine, they likely won’t understand what is potentially causing the multitude of symptoms.  Medical practitioners are also fearful of having the Medical Council of New Zealand hound and suspend them if they are seen to be promoting ‘vaccine hesitancy’ by acknowledging that a patient’s symptoms could be due to vaccination.

The symptoms people are experiencing represent new types of disease that do not yet have definite tests or well-defined treatment protocols that will help everyone.   

However, there are fundamental principles of health creation and there is common sense.  There is also a network of caring, thoughtful, curious physicians around the world who are collaborating to bring help to those affected.

A treatment plan should aim to neutralise and remove spike protein, counteract the effects it is causing and restore immune function.  Treatment should be started as early as possible and should be individualised depending on symptoms.  Responses to treatment should be monitored and if no beneficial effect is observed, the next option should be used.  If suffering from post-vaccine symptoms, it would be prudent to avoid catching Covid 19 or use prevention measures as infection is likely to make symptoms worse.  If infection does occur, early treatment is important.

A Suggested Five-Pronged Plan for Possible Vaccine Injuries

  • Stop exposure to further doses
  • Neutralise spike protein – quercetin, zinc, black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa), pine needle tea and other prescription medicines
  • Detoxify potential contaminants – NAC, glutathione, vit C, vit D, selenium, nutritional binder, CoQ10
  • Reduce inflammation – vit C, curcumin, garlic, ginger, omega 3 fats, melatonin
  • Prevent blood clots on micro and macro level – aspirin, omega 3 fats, lumbrokinase


Basic lifestyle measures should be the foundation of any health improvement and treatment regime.

  • Real food – fresh vegetables and fruit, unprocessed protein source, healthy unrefined fats
  • Optimal hydration with uncontaminated water
  • Adequate sleep
  • Avoidance of toxins or harmful substances – including alcohol and cigarette smoke
  • Regular exercise – this may not be ideal in the early stages if suffering from fatigue or cardiovascular instability – but regular gentle movement in short bursts may be beneficial
  • Exposure to sunshine, fresh air and time in nature
  • Stress reduction – tai chi, yoga, mindfulness etc.
  • Having or finding meaning and purpose in life and connecting with loved ones

Other modalities that are helping people include homeopathy, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, intravenous vitamin C, intermittent fasting, low dose naltrexone and fluvoxamine.

The above are general recommendations and more focussed treatment is possible and recommended for different symptoms whether they be heart related, neurological, clotting, reactivation of infection, fatigue etc.

The NZDSOS online Health Help Line clinic offers treatment for those suffering harm from the vaccine.

Organisations Providing Treatment Protocols

International groups and practitioners working on providing protocols based on evolving science include the FLCCC, Dr Michelle Perro and Dr Thomas Levy.  For more detailed information about treatment options see the work of these practitioners. 

America’s Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance have developed protocols on the basis of their experience, evolving science, common sense and patient results.  These are a work in progress as more information is gathered.

This article discusses Dr Michelle Perro’s experience treating Covid and vaccine injuries especially in children.  She has been a paediatrician for 40 years.

This article from October 2021 discusses how Dr Thomas Levy, both medically and legally trained and with a vast knowledge about vitamin C, has been managing adverse effects from spike protein either due to infection or vaccination.

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