Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

Covid-19 Vaccine Policy
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Published in BMJ Global Health in May 2022, ‘The unintended consequences of COVID-19 vaccine policy: why mandates, passports and restrictions may cause more harm than good‘ is an excellent overview of global vaccine policies. The authors hold academic roles at a variety of eminent institutions in the USA, UK and Canada.

The discussion is divided into four domains which have influenced, and/or been influenced by, Covid-19 vaccine policy: 1) behavioural psychology, 2) politics and law, 3) socio-economics and 4) the integrity of science and public health. It is highly relevant to the New Zealand context, where many thousands continue to endure high personal and professional costs as a direct result of the negative consequences of distorted public health policies. This in turn has led to distrust in and dissatisfaction with our public health and political institutions.

The British Medical Journal remains one of few leading medical publications which has not fallen into disrepute following reporting of fraudulent and/or deceptive research. See The Covid-19 Industry: Fierce Conflicts of Interest for background of this issue.

The authors promote a position that Covid vaccines have had a beneficial impact, which diverges with NZDSOS’ intense concerns, and those of many of our public health partners, both domestic and international. See our 6th Letter to Chris James About the Dire and Conclusive Evidence Being Ignored.

Given what is known about both safety and effectiveness of these substances, the authors’ stated position on vaccine effectiveness may relate to the domination in medical publishing now, of corporate interests leading to publication bias, rather than any robust evidence. Nevertheless, we recommend this as an exceptional review of policies implemented by governments across the globe, and their maze of negative and unintended consequences on society.

Read: The Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Vaccine Policy

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