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“The Psychiatry of Covid-19” – A Courageous Conversation with Dr. Emanuel Garcia

Dr. Emanuel Garcia, a New Zealand psychiatrist and a courageous medical freedom advocate shares his thoughts on the failings, absurdities and outright divisiveness of the government’s Covid-19 response in New Zealand. In August 2021 Dr. Garcia wrote to Prime Minister Ardern raising questions on the lockdown, the elimination strategy and the negative effects of this on the nation.

From the outset of the panic-demic Dr. Garcia has spoken out with his concerns about the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine, the lack of science and psychological damage caused by masks, social distancing, lockdowns and the consequences of a fear based approach to Covid-19.

In this latest interview Dr. Garcia applies a psychiatric lens to the public health disasters of masks, lockdowns and coerced injections, and his thoughtful analysis helps fortify us against the next assault on human dignity, health and freedom.

Pandemic two, the next assault? Given that Monkeypox has been declared the next Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organisation, and the Burnett Foundations almost hysterical letter calling for immediate action from the New Zealand government we can no longer doubt the lengths which power authorities will go to with their tactics of creating fear and confusion, all of which will go hand in hand with the next possible assault.

Watch: “The Psychiatry of Covid-19” – A Courageous Conversation with Dr. Emanuel Garcia

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