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Deceit, Duplicity and Dangerous Delusions as “Anti-Vaccination Groups” are Targeted

On the week of 25 July 2022 a series of anonymous bomb threats were made to a number of New Zealand schools. This occurred coincidentally around the time that some had been practicing lockdown procedures.

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We have been warned that terror attacks are next on the agenda, and that we should look to blame anti-vaccination groups if and when it happens. This particular agenda has been brewing since at least September 2021 and November 2021.

So it isn’t much of a surprise to hear security expert Dr Paul Buchanan claiming that “the NZ intelligence community had issued repeat warnings that the most likely origin of an act of violent extremism will come from the anti-vax movement“.

Oh really?

“Anti-vaccination” is a slur aimed at NZDSOS because we argue for human rights, ethical research and medical practice over power and profit. As such we feel a need to respond to this nonsense as we watch seeds of fear planted in the public consciousness in an all-too-familiar pattern. We are not the only ones who wonder what the real agenda for these claims is, for example Resistance Kiwi published on 3 July 2022, Is the government’s “terrorist group” designation merely a cloaked threat to anti-mandate protestors?

By staging an attack and blaming their opponents, governments can dupe their population into going along with whatever policies they wish to enact, in the name of fighting the enemy.

James Corbett, Investigative Journalist

Watch: Are Anti-Vaccination / Anti-Mask Groups To Blame?
If There’s a Terror Attack in New Zealand, Remember This Video

The duplicity of Paul Buchanan is shown in this video by New Zealand video producer Coronavirus Plushie, published yesterday.

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