The Week in Review

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Reviewing the week, this site has gone from html cobbled together with No 8 gauge wire, to a site that can handle the high volume of declarations. (apologies for the outage Sunday night – takes a while to throw extra $s at hosting to keep up – please bear with us as we ride the tiger)

The propaganda campaign by authorities to bypass established informed consent practice is so overwhelming, it’s easy to feel isolated, and we had no idea that the week would be so busy with New Zealanders standing up for their rights.

One of the state funded media channels which markets trust, truth and misinformation (that other people do) also seemed to take an interest, which we found remarkable in the context of a group of qualified and experienced New Zealand professionals engaging in discussion.

The article started with a video clip about how to spot misinformation.  Without wanting to suggest that there isn’t misinformation, a rather uncomfortable looking academic’s only insight appeared to be to trust anything that authorities say, and she’ll be right.  We do not believe that is a well-researched academic argument.

The article then expressed concern about increasing levels of vaccine hesitancy (presumably appealing to fear) while within the same article quoting figures that said the total opposite (presumably appealing to tribalism).  We understand that the reporters writing this stuff need to earn a crust, but there’s got to be a better way.

The article minimizes the scale of dissent, but [testimonial_count] New Zealanders in a few days prepared to stand behind their ethics put a spanner in that argument.

State funding of the press has dire associations and anecdotally New Zealanders are choosing not to follow news. Business ambulance-chasing taxpayer funds never seems to end well.

For the full story, Dr Sam Bailey from NZDSOS reviews in more detail.

After a week, we acknowledge the New Zealand-ness of those prepared to put their names behind what they believe in.

Research suggests it takes a small percentage of dissent to create change.

To be assigning resources to this tiny word-of-mouth site, authorities are obviously aware of this.

Fingers crossed we get more signatories to help tilt New Zealand back towards New Zealanders, and remind authorities who serves who.

NB. The orchestrated campaign to add false signatories is escalating and we are doing the best we can to counter this with the resources available. As a word-of-mouth list of signatories, a lot of us recognize each other’s names, so please do get in contact in the event you see a false name.

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