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The overhaul of the covid restrictions is not akin to medical freedom. Until trust is restored in government, the regulators and a overhauled medical system, NZDSOS is not resting. Atrocities were committed in the name of medicine and indeed health. This is not what we, as doctors, signed up to.

Not In Our Name

It is not enough to water down legislation that can be revived at a moment’s notice. It is not enough to promise an inquiry into its own covid response while designing a pandemic management law. This is not medical freedom.

At least twenty of our doctors remain under investigation by the Medical Council (MCNZ), most gagged from speaking out against the covid narrative whether justified and evidence-based or not, and prohibited from treating patients with successful and evidence-based early treatment protocols. This is not medical freedom.

Thousands have suffered physical harm, including death from the covid injections with ACC declining many applications based on the information in the Medsafe data sheet, when more relevant information, including Pfizer’s own data can easily be accessed. Wilful blindness is not an excuse. Those who steadfastly remained uninjected, too have suffered significant mental harm, from not only the public, family, friends and the medical profession, but from this government itself. Until, these injuries are acknowledged and treated, there is no medical freedom.

Our Pursuit of Medical Freedom

NZDSOS has updated the objectives that we made in April 2021 of, ensuring the ability of medical practitioners to speak without censure, promoting medical freedom and supporting the public with unbiased information and care, to embody measurable outcomes.

Updated Objectives

Abandonment of the covid injections by the NZ government and its regulatory bodies including the MCNZ.

Acknowledgement by the NZ government of the harms caused by the covid injections and the mandates, along with a commitment to fully investigate every report of possible harm associated with the injections.

A “Truth & Reconciliation” type investigation into the covid response, run by fully independent people with no conflicts of interest.

Freedom of doctors to practice and speak in line with Primum Non Nocere, Informed Consent, The Right to Refuse Medical Treatment, The Nuremberg Code and the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

Regain control of our national health strategy by a truly independent body, that adheres to an inclusive, evidence-based approach; starting with the implementation of strict separation of industry and regulatory bodies, such as Medsafe and the MCNZ.

Restoring national sovereignty, starting with complete independence from the World Health Organisation.

Why is This Important?

Personal and medical freedom, as laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the basis of a civilised society. This requires open debate and real involvement of individuals in governance, along with the separation of religion, industry and the judiciary from regulators and government. Unless these rights are held sacroscant, we no longer live in a free, civilised society but are living in servitude.

Many have tried to quantify the life force that drives humans but it is perhaps best summed by Lawrence Leshan as that of the

…ideal of the full rich self, the development of ones own being in one’s own special way, the freedom to be oneself fully without fear — this is the goal acceptable to our Zeitgeist and worth fighting and suffering for.

Lawrence Leshan

Being Human

Fear of contagion has been a survival mechanism, allowing humans to evolve. However, as now-complex beings that can modify our environment, survival on its own is no longer the goal of most. If being human is to live “fully without fear”, medical freedom and the freedom to chose and be responsible for our own life, is paramount.

Staying Sovereign

To retain our medical freedom, we need to retain our sovereignty, personally and nationally. When governments no longer listen to its citizens and when governments themselves are subservient to non-elected organisations, such as the World Health Organisation and the United Nations, we are no longer sovereign. We have sold our freedoms for the “safety” that only comes from virtual incarceration.

Not only do we need sovereignty as a nation, given that “New Zealand’s parliament is “”quite remarkable” in that it could pass legislation very quickly as it did with the initial Covid-19 response legislation“, citizens need a framework in which they remain sovereign under a government of the people.

Living Well

Good health care requires trust in the healers. Unless doctors and other health care workers can practice their craft, which for most, is a calling, the health of individuals and the nation will suffer. Regulators such as the MCNZ should not be a barrier to good health care.

Create a Better Way

Without acknowledgement of harms caused, and the factors that led to so many taking an intervention that injured them, the trauma of the last 2.5 years will continue to impede our capacity to live well. Indeed it is well known that psychological experience strongly affects both mental and physical health. While each of us can process our trauma, the nation needs an investigation into the covid response, to bring those responsible to justice, learn from past errors and to help create a better way.

As Dr Ely wrote “The punishment must fit the crime, not out of retribution, but because it’s a crime against humanity. Unless the punishment fits the crime, there will be no deterrence from this happening again.”

We Can Not Go Back

While many are relieved at the “end of covid”, what we at NZDSOS have learnt is that covid and its response was a symptom of where the world found itself. Most of us were asleep, lulled by big food, big pharma and big tech into a trance of increasing obedience to these industries while they mined us for resources. We are wiser now. We cannot un-see what we have seen and therefore, as healers, we will continue to strive for personal and medical freedoms, in what is only a small part of a larger whole in the fight for humanity.

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