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Not All Fire is Fury: A Case Study in Trusting Mainstream “News” Sources

Researched and reported by state-funded mainstream journalist Paula Penfold, The Stuff Circuit Investigation, Fire and Fury: Who’s driving a violent, misinformed New Zealand – and why? claims to be informing New Zealand of ‘dangerous actors’ with intent to harm. We have already shared an opinion piece on the episode and highlighted the duplicity in Paula’s work as she immerses herself in government funded and promoted propaganda presented as “news”.

Paula recently​​​​​​​ described herself as having become a misanthrope. Her reasons relate directly to the visceral reactions she felt towards people she knows who expressed not wanting or planning to take an experimental novel genetic therapy and valuing their personal liberty. We can only hope for Paula’s sake, and possibly for that of us all, given the potential for misanthropy to be a danger to society, that she has since used some of her investigative journalism skills to engage critically with the literature relating to these pharmaceutical products.

The so-called “vaccines” that so many New Zealanders have taken either in trust of the “safe and effective” pitch repeated at us multiple times per day, or under duress, prevent neither infection or transmission. Natural immunity, including cross-immunity following exposure to other coronaviruses, does. The inoculations could in fact pose a risk to critically ill people, such as the sister Paula wishes to protect, including from vaccinated health care workers.

The protection our vulnerable need would surely be better achieved by following medical evidence from clinicians working directly with Covid, over political agents probably benefiting in some way from public-private partnership contracts? Wouldn’t an unredacted copy of the New Zealand government’s pharmaceutical contracts make a great scoop for an independent and competent investigative journalist?

The Mainstream Strategy of False Engagement

Alas, no such critiques appear to be on the horizon and instead our “investigative” commentariats focus on perceived failings of those opposing the mainstream narrative. Voices For Freedom, representing democratic values with calm, humour and informed critical analysis of New Zealand’s current political landscape, have submitted a formal complaint against Stuff Circuit regarding the obvious breaches of media standards. They remain open to honest and transparent communication with mainstream sources. NZDSOS likewise welcome media and our medical colleagues employed to advise the public in ways we disagree with, to an open and public debate on the issues.

NZDSOS have had communication with Ali Evans, who was interviewed by Paula Penfold at the February Wellington freedom protest and then pursued by Paula for follow up interview in her home town about a month later. Paula’s story angle was to infer that Ali had engaged in violence at the protest. This is clearly untrue to anyone who watched the dark and haunting hour-long propaganda piece.

During an hour with two local podcasters recently Paula referred to Ali, reflecting on her alleged “violence”. We wonder why, in all of her personal texts with Ali to organise the follow up interview, this was not mentioned at all?  All we saw in these texts were expressions of care for Ali’s “concerns”, which were subsequently ignored at interview.

Paula also claims that intelligence agencies are warning of an act of politically motivated violent extremism in reprisal for the shutting down of the Wellington protests. Maintaining the theme of propaganda she calls this peaceful protest – a right of citizens within democratic nations – an “occupation”, erroneously inferring some sort of militarised activity. We hope that in her investigative analysis of these claims of forecast terror, Paula refers to the entirety of this so-called “intelligence”, as shown in our short article here

Ali was particularly concerned about those who had suffered adverse effects from the injections and wanted Paula to know that this was a significant reason for her presence at the Wellington protest.  In private communications she repeatedly tried to get Paula to understand her concerns and to give the vaccine-injured a voice in the mainstream arena.

However, Paula and her Stuff team made no reference to anyone experiencing physical injury following Covid-19 inoculation who had been at the protest.  Nor to the Silent No More memorial service for the vaccine-injured held at parliament on 29 March 2022 which Ali specifically informed her about.  Despite knowing about Lynda Wharton’s Health Forum, which has documented the deaths and injuries suffered by hundreds of vaccinated New Zealanders, Stuff chose to exclude this from the documentary.

Paula has claimed that “now is not the time” to discuss these urgent concerns.  In the very same conversation she refers to “long poverty” being a reason that people attended the Wellington protest and why people feel disconnected from society.  Much of that poverty and disconnection stems precisely from the vaccine mandates that so many, including Ali, lost their livelihoods over.

When on earth IS the time to talk about it and why does a mainstream agent such as Paula, who admits to being a misanthrope with ill feeling towards the “unvaccinated”, get to choose “when” is “the right time”?  People have lost their homes, are reliant on food banks, surviving with crushing debt and have had to surrender the care of their own children.  These stories deserve to be heard.  NOW. 

If Paula was genuinely interested in finding out why Ali was at the protest, why did she not engage with Ali and discuss the vaccine-injured and why did she evade Ali’s most pertinent of questions – “But what else can we do?”?

It may become increasingly difficult for mainstream agents to continue denying, rarifying and ignoring these injured people. Two sources are now available, being reports from health care staff via The Truth Project at NZDSOS and impacted New Zealanders via True Stories at The Health Forum New Zealand.

We suggest that simply being mainstream is not the concern. Dishonesty, duplicity and partisanship is the concern. Would Paula, anyone else at Stuff, or indeed anyone in the mainstream media network including Te Pūnaha Matatini, be interested in giving a voice to the thousands of New Zealanders living with post-vaccine injury? Or are they merely collateral damage in a political agenda painting opposition to the ruling class as “dangerous and dishonest fascists”?

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