Is A Medical Degree Now Worthless?

Banished for speaking out on a medical disaster or silenced from speaking at all – all New Zealand doctors fit into one of these two categories with regards to the mRNA-based coronavirus gene therapy. Is this thuggish control by the medical bodies and government based on science, pseudo-science or politics?

As State-enforced medicine becomes the new norm we ask: what about those medical doctors who used their medical expertise to identify from the outset many of the very serious health risks associated with the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, which have now materialised into a horrible reality for some? Weren’t they censured and banished from the medical profession for speaking out in warning to the public? While their colleagues were forbidden from the doctor-patient consultation process, were unable to give negative views? Of course many patients say their doctors still quietly managed to, on the sly, heroes in their own way.

Through their decrees, and completely unlawfully we say, the New Zealand government has removed the trained and conscientious medical voice from the public hearing; and in its place created a situation of deception, and deep mistrust.

Pseudo-Medical Doctors

Witness the media reports containing statements from ‘doctors’ and ‘professors’ exhorting the populace to get jabbed. On the face of it, the public were being led to believe that these influencers were giving wise medical advice; many will have followed that counsel. Yet would these same people have consented had they realised the truth, had they been fully informed – which is that some of these voices with the title of Doctor or Professor were not medical professionals at all.

For example, Dr. Rachelle Binny, who has exhorted the vaccine and feels reassured we are all protecting her from another lockdown, is a maths modeller for “Wildlife Ecology and Management” at Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research, and an expert in pest control.

Well that’s useful, perhaps, if you want to control critters like a 12 year old running in the park or 14 year old rugby player and hundreds of other young people, by having them literally drop dead, or figuratively wake up dead. Then go for it Rachelle, along with the presstitute media who advance your comments to a vulnerable public. But where is the pest doctor when things turn bad? Is she there to comfort and console, hug and hold hands like us real doctors do with our patients? Will she maybe even apologise and fall on her sword when she realises she too has been duped?

Seeming to tread the same ruts as the world’s most inaccurate modeller Dr Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, is Professor Shaun Hendy, who fingers a number of pies. He too is a mathematical modeller and a professor of physics – not medicine, although deceptively presented as such in the media – at Auckland University. Being untrained medically, is he equipped to judge the quality and relevance of the inputs he chooses for his models, let alone the costs of the downsides his modelling will involve? Apart from being also famously wrong a number of times, he is the sort of ‘promoted-in-the-trenches expert’ of whom UK prime minister hopeful Rishi Sunak has just said should never have been allowed to inform pandemic decisions and that bad things have happened because they did. Of course, the SAGE brigade have rallied to their own defence. 

Yet another doctor-who-isnt is Helen Pertousis-Harris, our best known ‘vaccinologist’. We have consistently applauded her prescience in advising the world on very close surveillance once the rollouts began, but where is the real-time active monitoring system she advised, in her home country? She has been at the heart of greasing the vaccine’s wheels.  With a PhD not without controversy (although not afraid to dig the knife into vaccine critics’ credentials herself); curious dealings to swing Gardasil across the regulator’s line in Japan; and conflicts of interest that saw her booted off a prestigious WHO vaccine safety committee, she is the gene product’s main salesgirl here in NZ. But she doesn’t see patients, with their uniqueness and biochemical individuality, and nuanced medical situations. However we musn’t be too harsh on her as her sidekick at the pharma-supported Immunisation Advisory Centre, GP Dr Nikki Turner does see patients, and still sells the vaccines on the telly. Perhaps they should listen to an ICU doctor on the pitfalls some proper doctors can see.

Famously, our own Prime Medic Jacinda Ardern stared into our very souls and said if we took the shots we would not get sick and would not die of covid. That prescription did not go well, here and round the world.  All the government doctors might have taught her ‘stay-out-of-jail 101’: in medicine you never say ‘never’ or ‘always’ – eventually you’ll be shown to be wrong. And as they roll up their own sleeves then tell you to do the same, know also that the doctor who has himself as a patient has a fool for a doctor, another maxim. You see, you can learn really good stuff at med school, alongside the science.

Real Medical Doctors

We shouldn’t be too harsh. Some actual doctors have got it just as wrong. The vaccine wasn’t “just a vaccine” after all. ‘Safe and effective’ was a hypnotic suggestion, a Pavlovian call to arm jabbing. Like the Manchurian Candidate, we heard it and assaulted each other with needles.

These doctors, and the presenters, ‘splainers, politicians, regulators, celebs and actors that have impersonated them without a licence, and screeched medical advice to just take the bloody jab, are all someone else’s lapdog. Money hasn’t just talked it, has screamed its sodding head off.

In terms of general professional ethics all these pseudo-docs have made their comments in the face of real medical experts who were presenting scientific medical logic that identified this particular ‘vaccine’ as dangerous in this circumstance. And look at the witch hunt launched against them for just doing their jobs.

There is a serious ethical concern with all this of course, and criminal culpability without doubt. 

The Result

So, now to the vaccine injured, and worse. Had these people been able to consult a medical doctor for unfettered and cautious medical advice, would they still have been injured or killed? Likely not, because most people are more risk averse than reckless and would follow a medical doctor’s unbiased advice on such matters, providing the doctor could navigate their own internal landscape and separate fact from emotion. This is not an easy thing with the barrage of propaganda and so-called nudging we all drowned by.

Where in science is it OK for non-experts to lecture publicly as experts on matters outside their sphere of competence while those who are the truly qualified experts are silenced? Perhaps only in pseudo-science. Take the example of Pfizer CEO Dr Bourla who was a veterinarian and not a medical doctor. Logically therefore, he will have no expertise in the all-important dynamic of medical doctor to human patient consultation. Far worse is his obviously-conflicted loyalty to shareholders and vaccine sales, trumping any harm to people. He and Mr Gates have made out like bandits, literally in our opinion, and should not be allowed to influence people, or call for critics to be imprisoned, as the good vet has done. 

So are all these pronouncements real science or pseudo-science? The sad answer, of course, is in the actual results from the Pfizer product – everyone’s getting covid, and many are vax-injured. Some are dead. Even pseudo-science is embarrassed, so that just leaves political lobbying in operation. We have also the accuracy of the early warnings given by real scientists and medical doctors, who have been taken to the cleaners for their trouble.

Our government’s approval process has been based entirely on information originating from Pfizer – and it has screwed up monumentally by doing so. Like a horror movie, governments have tried to bury the really bad stuff but it is pushing back up from beneath the freshly dug grave to haunt them all. 

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