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Medsafe Replies with Assurances About Comirnaty Monitoring & the Not Surprising Dismissal of Ivermectin for C-19

Following our immediate reply to Medsafe and offer to meet with urgently for discussion about the safety of Comirnaty, Chris James replied. He ignored our offer for a meeting despite suggesting this on the 5th of July. We can’t help but wonder if these “experts” and authorities suddenly got cold feet after viewing the evidence in and caliber of our communication, while they just keep referring to process.

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Dear NZ Doctors Group

Thank you for your further email. As stated in my previous response, your views and concerns have been noted.

In response to the specific requests in bold:

That Medsafe urgently approve Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. We can provide all the relevant clinical data again if necessary.

Only the sponsor company of the Ivermectin product can make an application to Medsafe for the COVID-19 indication. The sponsor company for the Ivermectin product is Merck Sharp & Dohme (New Zealand) Limited. They can be contacted through their website:

Information about Medsafe’s requirements is available at:

That the provisional consent of Pfizer Comirnaty be rescinded until such time as the information related to the unprecedented level of adverse events related to its use is properly investigated.

Medsafe continues to monitor suspected adverse reactions reported following vaccination in New Zealand. Serious reports are assessed by trained, experienced medical assessors. Medsafe also obtains expert advice on adverse reaction reporting and trends.

Medsafe is not planning regulatory action in relation to Comirnaty at this time.

Kind regards


Chris James | Group Manager | Medsafe | Ministry of Health | (04) 819 6810

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