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NZDSOS Replies to Medsafe’s Dismissal – Our 5th Letter

We requested an urgent response to Medsafe’s email of the 5th of July dismissing our concerns and referring us to their consent process.

We request approval for Ivermectin and a pause of the vaccine rollout to allow for investigation of adverse events. We also agree to meet for urgent discussion.

We included the following recipients in our email:

  • Ashley Bloomfield, Director General of Health
  • Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister
  • Andrew Little, Minister of Health
  • Chris Hipkins, Minister for Covid

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6 July 2021

Chris James

Group Manager


Email: [email protected]

Response to email and letter dated 5 July 2021 – URGENT RESPONSE

Dear Mr. James

Thank you for your email and offer to discuss our concerns as listed in our correspondence. Regrettably, your reply is somewhat late as we have already replied to your previous email and have provided a full rebuttal to the 14 June 2021 McIntyre and Town response on behalf of Medsafe. We have attached another copy with this email as we have yet to receive a reply to our letter of 21 June 2021.

We are fully aware that Medsafe has given provisional consent to Comirnaty , how this was undertaken and that you have further approved it for children from the age of 12. Presumably the government has already requested that you investigate the same down to infants. Is there really no dissention in your meetings, related to the inexplicably unethical haste?

Do you understand that Pfizer’s trial (the one with no children, pregnant women, old or infirm patients etc) actually showed an absolute risk reduction of less than 1%, by simple maths, and that the number of deaths in each group was NOT statistically different?

Events are unfolding rapidly and adverse events to Pfizer Comirnary are increasing at an unprecedented pace. We are pursuing reliable numbers. Please confirm you have been provided with these for your deliberations. The government has received an OIA request for this also. Recent news from Israel has demonstrated the poor effectiveness of this product, where 50% of people infected with the Delta variant had been fully inoculated with Pfizer Comirnaty, and that 62% of new UK Covid-19 cases have received both inoculations.

Are you aware that Public Health England have reported a 6 fold increased mortality in those infected by the Delta variant who had been vaccinated compared to unvaccinated Delta cases?

Mr. James, the apparent lack of consideration for ethical or humanitarian factors is truly horrifying. What happened to the precautionary principle?

Therefore, we request:

  1. That Medsafe urgently approve Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. We can provide all the relevant clinical data again if necessary.
  1. That the provisional consent of Pfizer Comirnaty be rescinded until such time as the information related to the unprecedented level of adverse events related to its use is properly investigated.

We remain at your disposal for urgent discussions on how to achieve the above as quickly as possible. A reply that fully addresses these matters is requested by Thursday 8 July 2021.


Steering Committee – NZDSOS

Copies attached: PDF version of this email

                            PDF of Response to Medsafe sent to Chris James on 21 June 2021 with an email introduction

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