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Really, Dr Ussher? Are the Heart Attacks and Strokes Not Due to the C-19 Vaccine?

Dr Simon Brown, PhD writes for NZDSOS countering Dr Ussher’s statements as reported in the New Zealand Herald.

Why do our academic immunologists and vaccinologists make claims about the safety of Pfizer’s Cominarty vaccine that not even Pfizer will make?

Why are our establishment scientists so willing to do the Government’s bidding, happily prostituting their position and title to assure us that the COVID jab is the “safest vaccine I’ve ever seen” (Graham Le Gros, Director, Malaghan Institute). They are all at it, uncritical, unquestioning and unwavering in their support, despite the mounting evidence that says otherwise. In fact, the evidence of adverse effects and poor efficacy from Pfizer’s own randomized control trials (RCT) was always there in plain sight, if only the regulatory authorities, including Medsafe and the Ministry of Health, had bothered to exercise due diligence.

By all accounts Pfizer’s Manufacturing and Supply Agreements explicitly state that “Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that Pfizer’s efforts to develop and manufacture the Product are aspirational in nature and subject to significant risks and uncertainties” and “Purchaser further acknowledges that the long-term effects and efficacy of the vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse events of the Vaccine that are not currently known”.

Even Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla foresaw Omicron and acknowledged in August 2021 that the vaccine would one day be rendered ineffective by vaccine evading variants. If Pfizer won’t stand behind their product while understanding its limitations then why are our academics so keen to convince us otherwise and why should the rest of us listen?

This is a vaccine that hijacks our intracellular translational machinery (the way the DNA sends messages to the cell to make proteins) by transfecting our cells with a lipid encapsulated modified messenger RNA template that encodes the expression of a toxic sarbecovirus Spike protein. This is novel technology that has more in common with genetic manipulation of cells than classic vaccinology; a technology that had never gained regulatory approval and having repeatedly failed RCT.

Dr Ussher’s Assurances

Yet Dr Ussher is the latest to assure us that all the bugs have been ironed out and the vaccine is “safe and effective”. His assurance is no more reliable than his assertion that the risk of myocarditis is around 1 in 100,000 when multiple studies clearly suggest its 1 in 5000. Even Pfizer’s own adolescent RCT of 1180 kids showed 1 case of myocarditis in the treated cohort which they then chose to ignore.

Dr Ussher further asserts that “Stroke and heart attacks have been associated with COVID infection, but not with the COVID vaccine”. Perhaps Dr Ussher is being quoted out of context. Is he referring to NZ specifically where these injuries were recorded during vaccine roll-out before we saw community spread of COVID-19, or global data? If global data then I guess Dr Ussher has yet to interrogate either CDC’s VAERS or Pfizer’s own analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports. The latter were recently forced under Court order to be released by the FDA. 

The CDCs VAERS contains 2783 cases where the COVID vaccine is associated with stroke as an adverse event vs a combined total of 104 cases for all FDA approved vaccines over the prior 30 years. Not to forget actuarial data showing significant and inexplicable increases in cardiovascular, neurological and respiratory causes of death (USA) or presentation at hospital emergency departments (Germany). Regardless, it is unfortunate that Dr Ussher appears to suggest by inference that Rob Martin’s stroke was nothing more than a coincidence.

Loss of Faith

The problem is here in New Zealand we, the public, have lost faith in our medical establishment to monitor, record or investigate adverse events which is, perhaps, one reason why NZDSOS stepped into the breach. It took the regrettable death of Rory Nairn, 10 months after the vaccine roll out was initiated, for our Director General of Health to issue guidance regarding the risk of myocarditis/pericarditis, further acknowledging it was “potentially under-reported”. Our confidence is further eroded when we realise that bias must exist in the reporting system when Medsafe’s own Adverse Events (AEFI) reports (Table 8) consistently show that the observed all-cause mortality rate in those following vaccination is half the expected rate regardless of age banding.

Surely this is a statistical impossibility!

Simon B Brown, PhD.

(Formerly Senior Research Fellow & Principal Investigator, Centre for Inflammation Research, Queen’s Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh)

As NZDSOS has repeatedly stated, it is the responsibility of Medsafe to monitor novel treatments, especially when clinical trials are on-going. All effects should be investigated and deemed to be due to the therapy unless otherwise proven.

It is time for the government’s experts, such as Drs Ussher and Le Gros, to look at the data. They are at risk of embarrassment (you may be able to play golf with your colleagues now but they will desert you at the first sign of disgrace), lying or worse, malfeasance.

We call on our colleagues to question and to debate. The offer is open.

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