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No Legitimate Evidence For Mandatory C-19 Vaccines

In a letter to the British Medical Journal, a group of doctors outlines why there is no legitimate argument for mandating C-19 vaccines.

Points Made In Regards to Legitimate Evidence

  1. Covid-19 can be dangerous
  2. Vaccines can be effective
  3. Considerable uncertainty exists about the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines
    1. The only randomised control trial looked at preventing short-term infections and did not study transmission, hospitalisation or death
    2. Only 7% of participants remained in the the trial for the 6 months that it ran
    3. Average followup was only 46 days on average
    4. The study has been criticised for significant irregularities which are possibly fraudulent and for biases in the study.
    5. Real-world data from UK and Israel indicate high case numbers in the double vaccinated, suggesting that any effects are reducing infection wear off quickly
    6. Observations suggests that the vaccines may reduce hospitalisation and death (although this does not appear to be the case in New Zealand)
  4. Serious short-term complications and unknown long-term effects exist
    1. There is no legitimate evidence on the safety and efficacy of the 3rd and 4th “booster” doses
    2. Potentially severe and fatal side effects clearly occur
    3. The safety of repeated mRNA procedures has been questioned
    4. Safety in those with illnesses such as auto-immune disease is not known.
  5. The risk-benefit needs to be legitimately considered especially in
    1. Younger age groups
    2. Individuals who have recovered from Covid-19
    3. The fact that the goal of reducing transmission to others has not been established
  6. In this situation, individuals should be given fully-informed choice and should not be coerced.

We understand Justice Cooke may not want to look at scientific evidence, but we ask why the government’s “experts” such as Drs Bloomfield, Baker and Wiles are turning a blind eye.

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