Nowhere to hide from the cataclysmic division of the nation:

What will it take to bring our country back together? What Ardern, and her enablers, have achieved is not tens of thousands of lives saved, but a nation divided and a hardened foe.
The more the government denigrated those with differing views as filth, the more they coalesced around freedom of information and individual choice; the same concept the Prime Minister is trying to hide behind now.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) congratulates all those who, under often extremely dire circumstances, held the line. They have their health, which sadly not everyone coerced into taking the clearly rushed and experimental injection, still has.  We thank those who supported us quietly and loudly and we thank the army of volunteers without whom we would not have reached as many New Zealanders as we have.
Increasing evidence points to not only negative vaccine efficacy, but also damage to naturally acquired immunity.  Not only does this adversely affect the individual, it negatively affects the community, as herd immunity cannot thus develop. Children, in whom covid is, for the vast majority, a trivial disease, were asked to protect their grandparents and family; some are now suffering possibly irrecoverable cardiac damage. Early treatment and naturally-developed herd immunity were ignored, both of which would likely render acute covid infection a mild disease and protect against “long Covid”. What became of New Zealand under Ardern?

When will we be seeing apologies from Drs Curtis Walker, Nikki Turner and Bryan Betty? We have not seen an acknowledgement from any health authority or the “leader” of the nation, that mistakes were made and that perhaps they should have looked at more information than just that provided by Pfizer, who is of course, immune from product liability, although not from criminal prosecution.  

Has the government learnt anything? The doctors at NZDSOS have learnt a lot over the last eighteen months, including not blindly following the guidelines handed down by possibly compromised health organisations and the makers of pharmaceuticals. It is falling on taxpayers, not Pfizer, to support those few whom ACC deem have been injured by Comirnaty. 

More concerningly, has the government backed down in order to regroup and do it all again, bound by the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty of the World Health Organisation? Or are they responding to the polls, realising they are in trouble, so are sweeping mountains of evidence of harm under the carpet and clearing the decks for a change in strategy?

Given that members of parliament are trained to avoid providing information via Official Information Acts (OIA) requests, we may never know the answers to these questions. Maybe it doesn’t really matter as our children and grandchildren will be paying for this cataclysm with their health and their taxes, enslaved until these harms are redressed and those responsible held accountable.
NZDSOS continues to support and treat those injured by Ardern’s injections, while we explore and champion an equitable and fit-for-purpose health system.  We continue to raise awareness of threats to our sovereignty by un-elected, compromised organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum.  We continue to support doctors persecuted for standing up for the right of patients’ individual choice in choosing their method of prevention and treatment of all infectious and other diseases.

As the group who have called the covid situation correctly since the beginning, NZDSOS calls for an urgent discussion with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of New Zealand to develop full information for those considering the prevention of covid and other viral illnesses, valid treatment for those injured and dropping of all charges by the Medical Council against doctors who asked questions, prescribed safe early treatment and advised caution.


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