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First Covid Vaccine Death in NZ Published in Medical Journal, 2022

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Details of the presumed first official death of a New Zealander from the Covid-19 vaccine have been brought to our attention.

The details of her untimely death were written up as a case history and published in J Clin Immunol in January 2022.

The 57-year-old woman of Chinese descent died in July 2021 shortly after receiving her first Pfizer vaccine.  She had previously been well.  The day after her vaccine she experienced increasing lethargy and had to leave work early because of worsening fatigue. She had an episode of breathlessness and complained of a stiff neck as well as upper limb pain. She had a sore throat but located her discomfort in the region of her breastbone.

During the remainder of the day, she became increasingly unwell. The following day she consulted her GP complaining of a sore throat, back pain, fatigue and an episode of blood in the urine, which had occurred the previous night. She had difficulty getting out of the car and experienced a fall at the family physician’s surgery. She did not complain of palpitations.

She had blood tests done on the second-day post vaccine which showed raised CRP (marker of inflammation), ferritin (iron) and ALT (liver enzyme).  There was no mention of troponin or ECG findings. 

On the third day, she was diagnosed with a urine infection and treated with trimethoprim (a common antibiotic for such infections).  During that night (3 days after vaccination) she was found dead in bed.

She had a post-mortem which showed a slightly enlarged spleen and a large thymoma (growth of the thymus gland) in the L chest. The heart appeared normal from external appearances, but histology (microscopic examination) showed significant inflammatory damage to the heart muscle (myocarditis).

After considering other possible causes of myocarditis, the authors concluded that eosinophilic myocarditis due to Covid vaccination was the likely cause of death.

They noted that the family wished to increase awareness of fulminant necrotizing eosinophilic myocarditis (lethal inflammatory destruction of heart muscle cells) as a very rare hypersensitivity disorder [following Covid vaccination] requiring urgent assessment and treatment.

Her death and its possible association to the vaccination was briefly mentioned in local media on 30 Aug 2021.  There was information about symptoms of myocarditis (chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations) following vaccination and a suggestion for the public to be alert to these and to seek medical advice if concerned.

The usual spurious statement about myocarditis being more frequent and serious following covid infection than covid injection was made at the end of the article, with the suggestion that Covid vaccination would reduce the risk!

Dr Peter McCullough has reviewed the literature relating to myocarditis following coronavirus infections and injections. 

From 10.30 in this interview he runs through a list of studies about myocarditis – first the ones looking to see if myocarditis occurs with covid infection (conclusion – the risk is minimal with infection), then the ones looking at myocarditis post-vaccination. 

His conclusion is that Covid vaccination poses a significantly higher risk of damage to the heart from myocarditis than does a Covid infection.

We wonder whether the family are happy with the ‘increased awareness’ they hoped to achieve by allowing details of the death of their loved one to be published. 

Did New Zealanders really get any advice about myocarditis, its symptoms and potential severity or were any tiny whispers of this possible serious adverse effect drowned out by millions of dollars worth of ‘safe and effective’ advertising?

New Zealanders need to alert each other to the risks because our authorities are not doing a good job.

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  1. I discovered this week [May 2023] that students studying midwifery are required to be vaccinated against Covid [apparently because DHBs and placement service providers require vaccination of people engaging with them] , notwithstanding that all Govt vaccine mandates were lifted last year. I understand nurses are now not required to be vaccinated. I have an unjabbed 17year old goddaughter passionate about midwifery who cannot embark on that course of study. It is a scandal.

  2. This is heartbreaking to read and it was after this date that many of us were forced to have the vaccination or lose our jobs.

  3. We all need to spread the word at every opportunity, write to our MP’s and wake them up, make a noise especially about the W.H.Os treaty/ instrument which will take away our sovereign rights under the NZ Bill of Rights and possibly make it impossible to say NO to novel vaccines. The W.H.O’s over focused on vaccines is all about profit and now the mRNA cash cow flood gates have opened there will be only new vaccines . Clinical trials have begun… a pathetic 1 year trial on only 50 volunteers is going to usher in the novel mRNA flu vaccine. UK govt. and other governments have already made an order for millions of doses and the trial has not even been completed. What does that tell you about the corrupt system?? How can we have objectivity from governments when they have gone into business with Big Pharma. Profit driven madness!!

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