National Citizens Inquiry Canada and Other Investigations Into the Terror Foisted in the Name of Covid-19

National Citizens Inquiry
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National Citizens Inquiry: A Private Tribunal of Conscience

The world is well overdue for explanation and restitution of grevious harms perpetrated in the name of the global pandemic response. With continued lies and cover-ups by their governments, the people are organising their own investigations. 

Elements of the last 3 years that are screaming for the searchlight of truth include the release of a man-made bioweapon from a China lab financed with US tax dollars, but with only moderate severity and plenty of treatment options (though suppressed); unprecedented lockdowns and forced masking; fake diagnostic testing to villify so-called asymptomatic carriers; a supposed warp speed “vaccine” program that was contaminated and compromised from the start; and the  resistance to change by blundering-on governments, despite the safe and effective narrative falling apart so quickly.

The National Citizens Inquiry of Canada is an example of a citizen-led justice tribunal. Historically citizen justice proceedings are initiated when authorities have not held violators to account, which can be because they themselves are the perpetrators. Best known are the Russell Tribunals, which began with a 1967 review of war crimes in Vietnam. Ralph Fucetola’s 2021 article Private Tribunals of Conscience: Their History and Why They Matter discusses the significance of such actions.

National Citizens Inquiry: Canada’s Response to Covid-19

Unprecedented measures instigated at all levels of Canadian government in the name of a public health response saw a groundswell of opposition amongst the citizenry. In May 2022 the Reclaiming Canada conference brought together grassroots organisations, human rights advocates, and medical and legal experts. As a consequence, on 2 November 2022 the National Citizens Inquiry was launched with the intent of giving a voice to Canadians impacted by the measures, exploring what lessons could be learned and making recommendations to protect against future harms.

Beginning in March 2023, with a scheduled finish date of 19 May 2023, the Citizens Inquiry consists of eight hearings held across the nation. A total of 176 citizens and 58 expert witness testimonies are being added to the record. Selected for their independence, objectivity and competence, four commissioners are responsible for running the hearings, fact finding and making recommendations, within rules of practice and procedure laid out for the purpose.

Testimonies given at the citizens inquiry can be accessed at the website and the NCI Rumble channel. They are a diverse range of personal accounts, professional experience and medical/scientific evidence. Mandated health professionals, vaccine injury victims, families separated by cruel diktats in times of need, stories of human rights violations and propaganda all build a heart wrenching archive of mass societal harm.

Laura Jeffrey is a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer of 27 years experience. From March 2020 to late 2021 she saw a total of seven deaths attributed to covid, but an escalation of suicide and drug overdoses. During her emotional and insightful 40 minute testimony, available in the Toronto clips, she describes changes to the blood composition of corpses including fibrous clots as reported by funeral directors around the world including in New Zealand.

Some of the medical and scientific testimonies include but are not limited to, Dr Mark Trozzi (Toronto clips), Dr Patrick Phillips, Dr Laura Braden, Dr Chris Milburn, Dr Dion Davidson and Dr Stephen Bate (Truro clips), Dr Jessica Rose (Winnipeg clips), Dr Magda Havas, Dr Christopher Flowers and Dr Francis Christian (Saskatoon clips), and Dr Gregory Chan (Red Deer clips). Dr Charles Hoffe testified at the citizens inquiry in Vancouver last week, available here until the website is updated.

Dr Laura Braden is a highly specialised scientist with qualifications in molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, pathology and biotechnology. She has extensive experience in good laboratory practices (GLP) and has used PCR “every day of my life throughout my career“. She gave a 1h46m presentation at the Truro hearing, focusing on the science of Covid-19 and specifically on the following topics, describing the scientific detail in an accessible way. Her concerns are shared by the team at NZDSOS.

Citizens Inquiry Dr Braden

The National Citizens Inquiry is a unique and invaluable collection of evidence for the Canadian people moving forward. It also offers insights which are universal in their value both as scientific evidence, but also in exposing the global nature of the onslaught against citizens across the previously democratic world. It provides ideas for effective resistance, such as forming professional collaborations (eg legal, medical, civil rights advocacy, media) to build competent alternative systems.

Actions Beyond Canada

Momentum is building as the National Citizens Inquiry joins a growing legion of potent opposition to the attempted subversion of democracy under the guise of ‘protecting’ us against invisible threats.


Recognising human rights violations were being perpetrated multi-nationally, German-American lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich collaborated with epidemiologist / pulmonologist Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and legal colleagues in Germany, launching the Corona Investigative Committee in July 2020. Dr Fuellmich has since split from this group and formed a separate International Crimes Investigative Committee.

These independent and public facing committees have accumulated a mass of evidence providing clear interwoven detail of the geopolitical landscape relating to Covid-19 and other crises being planned and undertaken. Unable to find a court of law within existing systems who would hear their evidence, the Corona Investigative Committee enacted a criminal grand jury based on the American system in February 2022. Known as the Grand Jury Court of Public Opinion, this hearing gave a sweeping overview of all evidence collected up until that point, under the broad headings of historical and geopolitical backdrop, PCR tests, injections, financial destruction, eugenics, psychology and propaganda.

New Zealand

Most recently Dr Fuellmich has announced a collaboration between his team of international lawyers and Te Wakaminenga Maori Government of Aotearoa Niu Tireni. He Wakaputanga, the declaration of independence signed in 1835 is acknowledged alongside Tikanga Law as being significant to the restoration of peace for Maori and the entire world.


In Australia a class action lawsuit is underway on behalf of those injured by vaccines and other so-called “health measures”. The Lighthouse Declaration was launched in January 2023. Anyone interested in ending censorship of practitioners and scientists, upholding the right to informed consent, ending mandates and medical coercion and halting the globalisation of public health is invited to sign.


More recently Swiss banker Pascal Najadi, after recognising that he and his family had received a toxic substance under false pretenses, filed criminal charges against Alain Berset, Swiss president and former minister of health. Najadi is the son of Hussain Najadi, an early member of the forerunner of the World Economic Forum in the mid-1970s. Hussain withdrew his involvement in the early 1980s after developing concerns about Klaus Schwab. He was assassinated in Malaysia in 2013. Pascal has also filed criminal complaints against Pfizer in London and New York. Updates on the New York litigation are available here and Pascal gave an insightful interview in February with independent journalist Masako Ganaha.

European Parliament

Other worthwhile actions include the third International Covid Summit recently held in the European Parliament, hosting eminent scientists and experts from across the globe. The ICS3 hearings can be viewed at their Rumble channel. The European Parliament have a core group of members speaking out against the corruption they recognise within their ranks, led by European Union Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen. A good summary was provided by MEP Cristian Terhes from Romania, in his speech to parliament on 28 March 2023.

Small Actions Matter

As can be seen there are many large actions taking place, however there is a role for every person who is aware of the agenda and who is concerned about the threats to our society.  Small daily conversations with those known to us or to complete strangers can enable more to become aware of these threats.  When enough people stand with courage to demand answers and refuse to comply with nonsense, things will change.

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  1. Good Morning great team

    two corrections – Pascal Najadi’s claims are under fire and heavy dispute – the case against the Swiss Health minister has already been dismissed. We are Swiss citizens and read several newsletters and support a number of freedom groups in CH and NZ, including you.
    The Maori Government is only one Maori initiative – wether Reiner Fuellmich has the whole picture and wether this goes anywhere remains to be seen – it may be a good start

    What I do fully agree with, there is a huge awakening all over the world, and that is very inspiring – this is a spiritual war and we need to free ourselves, peaceful and understand, who we really are, light beings!

    Thank you for all your work and efforts – love, Gabriela

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