Covid-19 Comparisons: Commemorating The Nuremberg Code

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Seventy five years ago today in the German city of Nuremberg, 16 of 23 Nazi doctors and administrators were found guilty of participating in war crimes and crimes against humanity “in the form of harmful or fatal medical experiments and other medical procedures”. Seven defendants were executed and nine were imprisoned. Their various fates and other relevant information is available at many links, for example Encyclopaedia Brittanica. The Nuremberg Code emanated from these trials.

Parallels have been drawn with events of today, as experimental injections causing extensive harm are administered to populations across the world, often by coercion and always without adequate informed consent. Some denounce this as an offensive comparison dishonouring Nazi Holocaust victims. Yet many of Jewish origin, such as evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein, historian/political analyst Naomi Wolf (the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors), and even Holocaust survivors themselves, are often the loudest proponents.

A group of influential human rights and medical research ethics advocates are converging on Nuremberg tonight (NZST), to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the verdict. The line up includes Dr Tess Lawrie and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed from the World Council for Health, Children’s Health Defense President Dr Mary Holland; and other prominent experts leading the world towards a humane resolution to this extraordinary global assault.

The event will be livestreamed from 11pm (NZST) at the memorial event link. Or watch the recording at Children’s Health Defense. The three minute trailer to the event is available at Children’s Health Defense Rumble channel.

UPDATE: 21st August 2022. Read Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav’s powerful speech at Nuremberg here

We For Humanity: Holocaust Survivors Draw Comparisons Between Nuremberg and Today

Nazi concentration camp survivors Moshe Brown, Hillel Handler and Vera Sharav sent the following letter to the International Criminal Court in September 2021. This was in support of an April 2021 request for investigation by lawyers accusing the UK government of genocide, crimes against humanity, and breaches of the Nuremberg Code.

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