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The latest training exercise aka ‘pandemic war game’ coordinated by Center for Health Security, named Catastrophic Contagion, took place in Brussels, Belgium on 23 October 2022. As has occurred many times since at least 1999, a group of highly invested players practiced responding to a new infectious disease epidemic. Four main lessons are outlined by the Catastrophic Contagion war gamers: the need for politicians to take “bold and decisive” action; the need for a global consensus on scientific issues; the need to control “misinformation”; and a strengthening of international systems.

Given what we have all experienced in the past three years, these conclusions appear as a thinly-veiled battle cry calling for centralised control and suppression of dissent. In an actual pandemic the main issues are medical and health related, and have nothing to do with any kind of combat, as is commonly inferred by mainstream media. Emotive and militarised language with references such as “the threat of war“, “lockdown” and “go hard on the virus” has nothing to do with a public health response. Attendees at the events have included intelligence services, military and police officials, high ranking bureaucrats and politicians, none of whom have public health expertise or roles.

In a recent interview with CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou, Robert F Kennedy Jr describes the role and behaviour of the CIA in Event 201. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence which makes her the highest level spy in the USA, attended Event 201 where the focus was on “how to use a pandemic to eliminate constitutional rights and clampdown totalitarian controls“. One of her contributions was to recommend the need to “flood the zone” with authoritative voices to drown out dissent.

Informed public health involves such issues as how to detect the disease, monitor its spread, protect the most vulnerable whilst maintaining normal societal and economic activity, quickly identify appropriate treatments, and share the successes and failures of different responses and treatments. Within these plans, preserving overall public health whilst minimising the impact of the epidemic is the primary goal. Stanford University Professor and author of the Great Barrington Declaration, Jay Bhattacharya has described the extreme harm caused by information control and censorship on matters of public health.

The World Health Organisation Global Influenza Programme published their epidemic and pandemic preparedness guidelines in 2019, based on a systematic review of the evidence. They clearly recommended against many of the implementations used globally during Covid-19. Something changed, and it wasn’t the array of evidence collected over many years.

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Human rights abuses have occurred in the name of public health and safety throughout history. The Siracusa Principles were published in 1984 as a foundational protection against these predicted power grabs. It would appear that ‘germ war games’ have been practiced repeatedly by multiple organisations over the past two decades, as a strategic attempt at establishing top-down and centralised control across the world. Plans to rule by technocratic decree, referencing a wider agenda than merely public health, are discussed in some detail by the UK’s Together Declaration at their October conference, “Is a ‘Great Reset’ inevitable?“.

Germ War Games Since 1999

The following known germ war games are largely referenced from The Real Anthony Fauci and a one hour lecture on pandemic war games by German journalist Paul Schreyer. The theme throughout these war games is always about the use of force with police and military involvement, information control, and stopping population movement en masse. The uncanny timing of two of the more recent simulation exercises has resulted in statements from event hosts clarifying that the covid and monkeypox war games corresponded so closely to their real-world equivalents by pure coincidence.

  1. February 1999 National Symposium on Medical and Public Health Response to Bioterrorism, Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies: Smallpox bioweapon. Public health threats were rendered military problems for the first time.
  2. 1999 Project Bacchus, US Defense Department: Anthrax bioweapon.
  3. November 2000 Second National Symposium on Medical and Public Health Response to Bioterrorism, Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies: Plague.
  4. June 2001 Dark Winter, Center for Health Security: Smallpox bioweapon.
  5. September 2003 Global Mercury, US Department of State: Smallpox bioweapon.
  6. January 2005 Atlantic Storm, Center for Health Security: Smallpox bioweapon.
  7. September 2005 SCL Simulation, Strategic Communication Laboratories, Smallpox.
  8. 2000 – 2007 TOPOFF, Frequent simulations involving security, military, police and intelligence agencies. Drills involved tens of thousands of local police, health officials and emergency responders across the USA, Mexico, Canada and Europe, and representatives from intelligence agencies and private corporations. “These are brainwashing exercises,” says former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp. ~ The Real Anthony Fauci, Chapter 12 Germ Games p.424.
  9. 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, Rockefeller Foundation: four separate scenarios are outlined in this report. See our 27 October 2022 article for further detail.
  10. May 2017 5C Health Emergency Simulation, G20 Health Ministries: Mountain Associated Respiratory Syndrome (MARS).
  11. October 2017 SPARS Pandemic Scenario, Center for Health Security: St Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SPARS).
  12. May 2018 Clade-X, Center for Health Security: bio-engineered Influenza-like respiratory virus.
  13. 14 February 2019 Pneumonic Plague, Nuclear Threat Initiative: antiobiotic-resistant pneumonic plague.
  14. August 2019 Crimson Contagion, US Department of Health & Human Services: Novel Influenza H7N9. “While earlier simulations functioned as training drills for high-level political, military, press, intelligence agency, and regulatory commissars, the 2019 Crimson Contagion simulation functioned as a nationwide crusade to evangelize state-level health bureaucracies, municipal officials, hospital and law enforcement agencies across America with the messages developed in the preceding simulations“. ~ The Real Anthony Fauci, Chapter 12 Germ Games p.423
  15. October 2019 Event 201, Center for Health Security in partnership with World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS).
  16. February 2020 H2N2 Influenza, Nuclear Threat Initiative: bio-engineered influenza. Tabletop exercises in Washington DC, December 2019 and Munich, February 2020.
  17. March 2021 Monkeypox, Nuclear Threat Initiative: Monkeypox bioterror attack. Read more at our 15 August 2022 article.
  18. October 2022 Catastrophic Contagion, Center for Health Security: Enterovirus.

Catastrophic Contagion is just the latest in a seemingly infinite list of simulated exercises training the wrong people to implement the wrong response in the fraudulent name of public health. It is time to wrest medicine and health care from the clutches of this sinister agenda. Opposition continues to mount, and will only snowball as health professionals and the general public alike, become aware of what is happening.

Watch: Pandemic War Games Lecture

German journalist Paul Schreyer delivered a lecture “Pandemic Simulation Exercises: Preparations for a New Age” in March 2021. His information is derived from publicly available sources.

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