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To an obvious extent, adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with the Covid-19 injectables are occurring across the globe, in line with other reproductive harms which were known about early in the Pfizer trials. Corrupted researchers converging with corrupted medical journals have been spoken of eloquently by many, including Dr Pierre Kory. The obfuscation of evidence for harms in pregnancy has been written about by medical bloggers, perhaps none better than Australia’s MD/PhD, writing under the pseudonym of Dr Ah Khan Syed. Students of the Clintons’ alleged misdemeanours over the years will recognise that sardonic handle.

Who is Jikkyleaks?

The formidable Tweeter known as “Jikkyleaks” is fearless in his/her quest to hold those who know better, accountable for their involvement in these crimes. Known as the “whistleblowing lab mouse”, like Dr Syed, he/she states an interest in public disclosures and has exposed multiple conflicts of interest within the science and medical professions. Obviously an experienced researcher, the evidence Jikkyleaks throws under the spotlight for public inspection has attracted a Twitter following of over 63,000.

The hashtag #3tablets is Jikkyleaks’ reference to the scandal that preventative antibiotics, recommended in respiratory virus treatment, were removed from treatment protocols for Covid-19. It is a well known medical fact that the harms caused by respiratory virus outbreaks relate in large part to secondary bacterial pneumonia, which is easily prevented / treated with the right antibiotics.

Experienced GPs also know that often supposed viral symptoms improve with the use of, especially, penicillin-based antibiotics. Note that penicillin, like ivermectin, is produced by fungi to protect themselves against other microbes and are many millions of years in the making rather than flash-in-the-pan synthetic ones that are ‘here today, resistant to tomorrow’. Overuse is an issue of course, but use in animal feed is a bigger problem than in human medicine.

In this tweet, Jikkyleaks shows the difference in case fatality rates between Hubei Province (including the city of Wuhan) at 2.9% and the rest of China at 0.4%, offering an explanation as to why that might be. This is consistent with political commentators Dr Naomi Wolf and Michael P. Senger who both provide evidence of subversion by the Chinese Communist Party.

Jikkyleaks #3Tablets

Instead of putting forward a case with evidence and engaging in robust debate when challenged by Jikkyleaks, two strategies have been observed. Firstly, that used by Imperial College London’s Viki Male, is to confidently and persistently push corrupted research. Corruption in scientific publications can be difficult to discern, even for people with medical and scientific qualifications, which is what makes experienced researchers such as Dr Kory, Dr Syed and Jikkyleaks so invaluable to the conversation.

Only a small minority of physicians read and think critically about the full study manuscript. Even less read the full study abstract. Sadly, the overwhelming majority simply read the abstract’s conclusion. In this manner … the vast majority of doctors and citizens [can be baselessly and erroneously convinced]. ~ Dr Pierre Kory

A second strategy we see, is that “the rats” jump ship when challenged by “the mouse”, who is then frequently blocked by his truth-bombed victims. As the atrocities taking place become more widely understood by the general public and those involved seek an escape from being held responsible, where will they go and how will society ensure some sort of reconciliation is reached? We will need doctors and scientists still, yet we know that many of them were at the very least complicit unwittingly, in an anti-human agenda responsible for incalculable harm.

Jikkyleaks Blocked
Jikkyleaks Blocked on Twitter 02

Dr Emily Kirkpatrick is SA Health in South Australia’s “Community Covid Commander”. What better evidence is needed, that Covid is being used to militarise public health, than observing such changes to public health terminology? The importance of rejecting this militarisation cannot be overstated at a time when WHO are attempting to impose totalitarian rule over the democratic world.

On 3 June 2023 Dr Kirkpatrick was challenged by Jikkyleaks for her claims about safety and efficacy of the Pfizer Covid-19 mRNA injectables in pregnancy and breastfeeding. The short video she shared is almost identical to that New Zealand audiences have heard repeatedly from Dr Nikki Turner, arch trickster and the Queen of “just fatty bubbles and bit of genetic material”. Who writes the script these mouthpieces read from?

Jikkyleaks Kirkpatrick Challenge

The next day Dr Kirkpatrick deleted her Twitter account.

Jikkyleaks Kirkpatrick Account Deleted

If you are on Twitter and not yet following Jikkyleaks, then join the “mouse army” to keep abreast of the scandals being exposed on a daily basis.

Jikkyleaks Pharma Grifters
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  1. Thank you fir your valuable work you are doing. You are brave warriors……
    How did our MCNZ get taken over I wonder….. the CE now part of the private irporate worldwide medical association… this is very scary

  2. Dr Sam Bailey and her husband were early birds when it came to sounding the alarm on the the covid vaccine. The New Zealand Medical council tried to crush her for the crime of warning people of the possible dangers and she allowed her medical registration to expire as they would have struck her off for the crime of telling the truth. You can find her on Rumble and subscribe star

  3. Jikky the mouse is great, although I have a strong suspicion that Jikky and “Dr Syed” are the same entity…:-) Which is not a bad thing.

  4. Love to follow Jikkyleaks but he blocked me for insisting he look at the evidence for graphene. Which I thought a little hypocritical considering !

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