An International Conspiracy – The Playbook Rules

International Conspiracy Playbook
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TGA = Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia

Vaccine Injury Playbook

This Australian story demonstrates what appear to be the same, possibly deliberate, failings that our monitoring systems in NZ have.  There seems to be an international playbook in action.  In times gone by, when medicine and science were to be respected, a thorough investigation, leaving no stone unturned, would have been conducted in any unexpected death of a person, particularly a healthy, young person.

And when true pharmacovigilance was a thing, the development of a new medical condition or a death in someone who had received an experimental medication would be thoroughly investigated.  Until an alternative cause was proven beyond doubt, the experimental medication would be deemed causal, and use of the medicine would often be halted.

How times have changed, with a brand new playbook in place.

Amy was a young woman, 23 years old, with a stable underlying medical condition ­(hereditary spastic paraplegia) living a full life, not inhibited in any way.  Prior to her receiving the Pfizer injection, she and her family had questioned whether it was safe with her underlying condition and had been reassured, though there was no basis for such reassurance, as studies on people with her underlying condition had not been undertaken.

She was never counselled that she might be at risk from the vaccine or advised to be extra vigilant about side-effects.

She got sick immediately after her first Pfizer vaccination in July 2021 and the neurological symptoms exacerbated significantly following the second dose 4 weeks later, leading to a progressive decline in her health, and her death in another eight months.  She was found dead in her bed.  Her neurologist had diagnosed her with post-vaccination neuritis (inflammation of the nerves) and was clear that her symptoms were caused by the vaccine.

Amy’s father reported her condition to the TGA adverse event database in November 2021, four months after she became unwell.  All he got back was an automated response, highlighting the cruelty, lack of ethics and complete disregard for humanity of this new playbook.

An autopsy failed to determine a cause of death.

The regulatory agency (TGA) said that no expert panel had been convened to assess her death because of “insufficient information”.

A TGA spokesperson noted that no causal link had been identified between generalised neuritis and the Pfizer vaccine.

Nearly a year down the track her family is still waiting for an investigation by the coroner and a coroner’s report.

Her family has been shocked by the lack of interest from the medical profession and from the regulators.  They had assumed that when someone young had a catastrophic reaction that there would be a prompt and thorough investigation and a notice sent to other healthcare providers to alert them to such a possibility.

Amy and her family had zero support during and following her illness.

This is exactly the same scenario that we were worried about prior to the vaccine rollout in New Zealand as there were no satisfactory answers to our many questions.  It is the same scenario we are witnessing now that is affecting many families in New Zealand.

Rules of the New Playbook:

  • Rollout a dangerous, poorly tested new medical product.
  • Reassure everyone it is ‘safe and effective’ in every situation regardless of the evidence.
  • Don’t mention possible side effects.
  • Make it as mandatory as possible.
  • When people complain of injuries or death, ignore them or tell them it is all in their head and that everyone else is fine.
  • Advise the population that it is perfectly normal and common for young people to die in their sleep, or on the sports field.
  • Do not provide any support or treatment for those injured.
  • Do not investigate deaths.
  • Avoid an autopsy if at all possible.
  • Prevent doctors from asking questions.
  • Claim ‘insufficient information’ to avoid having to look further into adverse events and deaths.
  • Deny any possible link between vaccines and any sort of serious illness or death.
  • Reassure the public that you are ‘continuing to monitor’ possible adverse effects.
  • Delay pathology and coronial reports as long as possible.
  • Pass the buck between various alphabet agencies so no-one really knows who makes the ultimate determination or where the buck stops.

Read about a New Zealand nurse Divya Simon here.  The story is similar though not as many details were provided in the New Zealand mainstream media. We have MANY other similar cases of post-vaccine deaths – on day 1, 2 or 3 after the injection – ignored by the system, not investigated and with many of the features outlined above.

This is NOT NORMAL MEDICAL PRACTICE.  Our agencies have run amok and are following a different playbook.

We are doing our best to ask the questions and get answers so that all New Zealanders can understand what has taken, and is taking, place.  Here is one possible explanation that could fit the facts so far. Preposterous? We’re running out of more benign ones. We need your help.

Keep asking questions and demanding answers.

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  1. It is difficult to fathom that this “new playbook” is happening to the once-protected, democratic world that most of us grew up in. Our children deserve better. Thank you for fighting this, NZDSOS!

    1. What has and is happening in this country is totally unbelievable actually frightening. God alone knows what the future holds for.us This organisation nzdsos is the only group who seems to care …thank you

  2. Yes the Georgia guidestones clearly told (before being destroyed a fewmonths ago)that the elites of the world want the world population down to half a billion.
    They have being giving us warnings thru subliminal messages in movies like ,”V for Vendetta “(mentions 3 Waters and people dying thru the water being poisoned and also mentions pandemics)
    Also the first “Matrix “movie
    Says on the dvd cover,”The future will not be user friendly”.Also the dvd starring Peter Sellers and Shirley McLean,called “Being There”from way back in 1979,is full of not so subtle subliminal messages.
    I believe all 3 movies are available on Netflix.
    Propheies in Daniel indicate this current age finishes,October 5th,6th or 7th 2039.Like in Noahs flood only a remenant will survive and participate in the 1,000 year reign of Yahshua.But we can expect the prophet John the Baptist to return to the earth in 2031according to other prophecies to give the Western World a final warning.

  3. If you have an adverse reaction to anything would you not hesitate to do it to yourself all over again ?

  4. Thank you for your work, I am constantly in despair of the way the world is going.
    How can so many doctors deny the side effects of the vaccine. A government that refused other medications for people with Covid. Despicable.

  5. Thank you for your work, I am constantly in despair of the way the world is going.
    How can so many doctors deny the side effects of the vaccine. A government that refused other medications for people with Covid. Despicable.

  6. Eventually the truth will prevail. Dr fauci will be prosecuted soon for lying under oath about to Origin as to were the virus came from.

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