Covid-19 Mythbusting?

A “mythbusting” advertisement appeared in a Hawkes Bay Grey Power publication in March 2022, authored by Keriana Brooking, the CEO of Hawkes Bay DHB. We have a few questions regarding, her mythbusting statements.

This “mythbusting advertisement” is not the way to encourage confidence in a medical product.

If Keriana Brooking was being respectful, she would speak to those with questions and allow discussion and debate, rather than attempting to shut down any discussion by dismissing reasonable and valid questions as myths.

The following provides a bit more context and discussion as well as a few questions for Keriana.

Cover up of Hospitalisations

Please explain why Hawkes Bay hospital was mentioned at least twice in the media in December 2021 (summer) as being overflowing when there was no Covid in the community.  Was the hospital full of people having vaccine reactions?  All hospital admissions in vaccinated individuals should be considered and reported as potential vaccine reactions. This includes all the vaccinated people with strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, neurological disorders, shingles, Bell’s palsy, miscarriages, stillbirths, autoimmune conditions etc. that are currently in our hospitals.  Has this occurred?  There appear to be a large number of coincidences occurring. A vaccine or booster administered two days before hospital admission is a coincidence?

Has Keriana Brooking looked at the CARM reports?  The latest one documents 58,135 adverse events with 2,842 of those deemed serious, presumably serious enough to end up in hospital or visiting the doctor.  Only a fraction of adverse events actually gets reported so there are likely many more.

German pathologists are beginning to elucidate the mechanisms by which the mRNA vaccines and spike protein may be able to cause the above-mentioned adverse events.  Inflammation of blood vessels of all sizes seems to be a significant finding., as well as abnormal blood clotting.

Scientists in New Zealand have also observed unusual structures in the vaccine vials that need further investigation.  Could these be contributing to adverse events?

Menstrual Cycle Effects

Health professionals are taught to listen to their patients.  Women are reporting menstrual alterations post vaccination.  Until the data has been collected, analysed and published, it has to remain a possibility that the vaccine could cause menstrual disturbance.  Or don’t we believe what women are reporting?

Harm to Children

Any medication can cause harm.  To state definitely that vaccines cannot harm children is outright false, by the Ministry of Health’s own statements. One of the Pfizer study participants, a 12 year old girl Maddy de Garay, has suffered significant injuries following the vaccine.  She is now disabled.

Please can you advise how many young people (<25 years) have died suddenly and unexpectedly in the last 12 months in Hawkes Bay.  What was the cause of death?  How many had received a vaccine prior to their death?  How many stillbirths and miscarriages have there been in Hawkes Bay since the start of the vaccine rollout?

The Medsafe Comirnaty Data Sheet states that the safety evaluation of the vaccine for adolescents 12 – 15 years of age relied on the data from 660 participants followed up for 2 months.  On the basis of this we have been assured that the vaccine is safe and effective for teenagers.  Is that really a sufficient number of participants and enough time?


Again, people are reporting this.  Why would you dismiss their concerns?  Scientist have investigated this possibility.

Natural Remedies and Immunity are Superior

It is not clear what natural remedies and immunity are being compared in this statement but it can be assumed that the comparison is to the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Is Keriana Brooking omniscient? How does she definitely know that natural remedies and immunity are less effective against Covid-19 than the vaccines?

Strong underlying health and a healthy immune system will stand a person in good stead when they contact Covid-19.  It is well known that Covid-19 is much more likely to be severe or fatal in those who have other underlying medical conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

Vitamin D is particularly important in this regard.  Those with low levels of this vitamin are likely to have a more severe illness.  Perhaps Hawkes Bay residents could have been encouraged to get out in the sunshine all summer long to increase vitamin D levels.

Vitamin C from fresh fruit and vegetables is also of significant importance in mounting an appropriate immune response to Covid infection.  Other nutrients and supplements that can be useful include zinc, quercetin, N- acetyl cysteine, black cumin seeds.

Natural immunity is proving to be broad, robust and durable whereas vaccine-induced immunity is limited to a synthetic version of only one viral protein (the spike protein), does not seem to be protecting a large number of people from infection and wanes after a few weeks or months. Furthermore, the vast majority of humans have an innate immunity that can respond to “novel” viruses and help the body overcome these, making the body stronger in the process.

In addition to optimising immune function prior to encountering the infection, medical treatment of Covid-19 is possible.  This aspect has been missing from discussions.  Covid-19 treatments have been suppressed. 

For the background about how Ivermectin (a cheap, safe, Nobel prize winning medicine on the WHO’s list of Essential Medicines) came to be suppressed as a treatment see this short documentary or watch the longer interview with Dr Tess Lawrie.

Investigation of what happened with Hydroxychloroquine shows a similar process to discredit the effectiveness of a cheap, relatively safe, effective drug.  How was The Lancet able to print a completely fabricated study which has now been retracted? 

Can we really trust medical journals and regulatory authorities anymore?

The reason for suppression of effective treatments is that Emergency Use Authorisation of vaccines in the USA (and thus the rest of the world) could not be obtained if there were effective treatments.  If there were effective treatments, there was no emergency and the vaccines would have to go through the full clinical trial process.

Can Ms Brooking advise us what is in the contract that the Government has signed with Pfizer on our behalf?  Maybe there is something in that about suppressing effective treatments.

Altering DNA

Stating that the vaccine can’t enter the nucleus or alter DNA does not make that true.  The Medsafe Comirnaty Data Sheet states that genotoxicity (the ability to harm genes) was not studied (section5.3 on page 15).

A number of scientists are demonstrating that it may be possible for the mRNA and / or spike protein to get into the nucleus of our cells and potentially interact with our DNA or DNA repair mechanisms.

Data from a paper published in late 2020 indicates that SARS-Cov-2 specific RNA sequences can be reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome, so is it possible that vaccine mRNA could do the same?    

This recent study shows that the Pfizer vaccine mRNA can be reversed transcribed into the DNA in a liver cell line in the laboratory.  Maybe it can happen in real humans too.


One look at the Medsafe Comirnaty Data Sheet (section 5.3 on page 15) shows that carcinogenicity (the ability to cause cancer) has not been evaluated. Pfizer has not studied whether or not its vaccine can cause cancer.  In the absence of any short or long-term data, it is premature to be stating categorically that it cannot cause cancer.  Several scientists are describing possible mechanisms for how the vaccine could contribute to cancer: 

  • Spike protein appears to be able to interfere with DNA repair mechanisms in the cell.
  • Our immune system is constantly on the lookout for abnormal proteins produced by abnormal cells.  If the immune system is overwhelmed dealing with large volumes of abnormal spike protein following vaccination, it may not be detecting other abnormal proteins with the usual degree of accuracy.
  • The body’s cells have a preservation mechanism for their own DNA via the production of heat shock protein (HSP) in response to stressors e.g. toxins, radiation.  If the cellular apparatus for making this HSP has been taken over by vaccine mRNA to cause the production of spike protein, that means there will be less HSP to protect DNA.
  • The presence of reverse transcriptase in cells could allow mRNA to be integrated into DNA.  It has recently been shown that this can occur in liver cells in the laboratory.  This could cause cell mutations that might lead to cancer in several years’ time.

Experimental and Cannot Be Trusted

The Clinical Trials website shows that the original Pfizer trial (the one supposedly providing the gold standard evidence as a randomised controlled trial) is not expected to be completed until Feb 2024.  The experiment is ongoing so the Pfizer vaccine is still experimental.

Just because billions of doses have been given does not mean that the experiment is complete or that there is any long-term data.  There CAN NOT possibly be long term data as the first doses in the trial were administered in July 2020.

Pfizer has paid out vast sums of money for previous misdemeanours related to its pharmaceutical products.  We should be very wary of trusting their motives.


Pfizer has been granted indemnity by our Finance Minister. 

On 5 Oct 2020 Grant Robertson gave an indemnity to Pfizer Inc and BioNTech and specific associated persons in relation to the supply of a Covid 19 vaccine under Section 65ZD of the Public Finance Act 1989.

On 22 Dec 2020 Grant Robertson gave an indemnity to Pfizer New Zealand Limited, Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech and specific associated persons in relation to the supply of a Covid-19 vaccine pursuant to section 65ZD(3) of the Public Finance Act 1989.

Presumably this covers a situation in which the vaccine causes harm or does not do what New Zealanders have been advised to expect it to do.   Perhaps Ms Brooking could explain this for us?

Only Reduces Symptoms

Despite the population being highly vaccinated, the number of Covid ‘cases’ in New Zealand is rising rapidly.  It appears the vaccine is not stopping infection or transmission.  It may be reducing symptoms but how would we really know without studying the symptoms of the unvaccinated control group.  Maybe many of them are asymptomatic or mild.

The media seems to have ceased reporting how many of the deaths and hospitalisations (whether of or with Covid) are in vaccinated individuals.  One has to assume if they were UNvaccinated, it would be widely reported so maybe the people dying are fully vaccinated.  Can you please provide the vaccination status along with the numbers?


As doctors, dentists and other trained medical scientists, we note Ms Brooking is appealing solely to her own authority – as what, exactly? Is she practicing medicine without a license with her reductionist and, as we have shown, frankly incorrect statements?

Perhaps Ms Brooking could provide references – other than from the Ministry of Health – to back up her messaging?  Perhaps she and some colleagues could front up for a discussion with the public and NZDSOS to answer these questions.

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