Pandemic Treaty – Is This Dangerous for Us?

pandemic treaty
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While a pandemic treaty orchestrated by the World Health Organization may seem like a way to protect populations from succumbing to infectious disease, the un-elected authorities and private backers of the WHO are threatening individual and national sovereignty. Not only would this pandemic treaty bring in digital IDs and constant surveillance of the population but could impose sanctions on nations that chose not to comply.

Is this the way we want to live our lives? Constantly at the behest of shadowy individuals and corporations who monitor our every move and determine what we can and can’t do, down to buying food?

The Pandemic Treaty explained by Dr Shabnam Mohamed

YouTube video

Formal Notification from Wakaminenga Māori Government to the WHO

Here is the response from the legitimate government of Aotearoa Nu Tireni / New Zealand.

What You Can Do

We need to let the authorities know that we know and that we do not accept New Zealand’s participation in this pandemic treaty. We can also join the legitimate government of Aoetearoa Nu Tireni.

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