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Clarification of Misinformation Regarding Police Investigating Deaths from Safe and Effective Vaccine

The current climate of misinformation, disinformation and rise of the factcheckers to help quash embarrassing questions means clarification on said ‘misinformation’ is vital, especially when it comes to matters of national importance such as the deaths of our fellow New Zealanders following vaccination. NZDSOS together with NZLSOS have sent multiple letters to the police (and others) asking them to investigate our concerns but the only response we have had to date is a dismissive letter with no acknowledgement or compassion for the gravity of the situation.

On 27th July 2022 Newshub ran an article “Factcheckers quash false claims New Zealand Police may investigate vaccine deaths”, while on the 7 August 2022, Media Watch reported that news agency APP (Australia’s national news agency) had published a story headlined “No, NZ Police is not launching a probe into vaccine deaths”. All of this we might add comes after a website called Newspunch had published an article with the misleading headline “Jacinda Ardern Left Reeling as New Zealand Police Look at Investigating COVID Jab Deaths” which referred to our ‘Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination‘ post. APP factcheckers concluded the Police were not investigating – we could have told of them that based on our first hand experience – nevertheless, Media Watch thanked them for debunking ‘yet another piece of Covid related fake news’. Newshub and Media Watch seem to have missed the point completely.

Pardon us for championing our cause, but why would a group of well-qualified, highly experienced doctors be asking the police to investigate deaths following vaccination? Surely the laundry list of concerns regarding the vaccine and the toll this has taken on the lives of our friends, family, and loved ones deserves to be addressed, in fact, it demands an honourable response, out of respect to all the lives lost due to the vaccination rollout which looks more like an unqualified disaster the longer it continues.

Read here: Clarification of Misinformation Regarding Police Investigating Deaths from Safe and Effective Vaccine

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